The Oregon Trail Honor Band invited a select group of Brady students to participate in their 14th annual performance held on Jan. 11 in Bridgeport. Band director Val Pohlman nominated students from the Eagle band based on a rubric sent out by honor band director Dr. Jay Gilbert. Abby Jurjens, saxophone; Aidan Mullen, bass clarinet; Cameron Cauffman, trombone; and Kollin Lewis, baritone were the students chosen to represent Brady this year.

The musicians spent the day on Monday under the tutelage of Dr. Gilbert, learning advanced elements of performance while practicing five different musical selections. Dr. Gilbert’s goal during the day and for the evening performance was to share with the kids the meaning behind the notes, and expressing emotion through music. The band performed as a group Monday evening.

Thank you to Mrs. Pohlman and the fine arts program at Brady Public Schools for giving our kids the opportunity to advance their musical career and expand their boundaries, and thank you to the students for representing the school well.

Congratulations, Eagles!