Get n Go 6.18.2020

A new business venture wasn’t the original plan, but this Brady couple is excited to be at the helm of a local staple.

Tyler and Esther Motsinger have experienced a lot of changes in the past few years. The duo moved from Maxwell to Brady four years ago with their two daughters, Kelcie and Jahlie, and young son, Peyton.

“We both graduated from Maxwell High School, but when Kelcie was ready to go to kindergarten, we opted-in to Brady Public Schools,” Esther explained. “We started going to school events, and even though we were from Maxwell, people would still talk to us!” Tyler added with a grin.

After experiencing the warmth and welcome of the Brady community, it was an easy decision to make the move. Although Esther may have sprung that idea on Tyler rather unexpectedly. “He was working out of town, and I called him at midnight. By the way, I put our house up for sale today!” Tyler was just a little shocked. “All I could think was, ‘where are we going to live?!”

Everything worked out, the pair found a house, and settled in. Tyler joined the volunteer fire department, pitched in at Brady Days, and really felt like the family was fitting in well. Then, an intriguing opportunity arose. Longtime resident Jack Mann approached Tyler about taking over the local convenience store and gas station, the Brady Get-N-Go.

“I actually didn’t want to own a business. Especially not one that deals with food! But here I am,” Tyler shared. “My grandpa owned a business and my dad owned a business, so it was something I knew I could do. I like the freedom of being my own boss. But there’s a lot that goes along with that.”

“I had to think about it awhile. It seemed like a good idea, and we knew the community needed this place. It’s nice to be able to run down and get a bag of flour if you need it. It was definitely hard to get started, though.”

At first, Tyler kept his job at the railroad, and Esther continued to work part time. They revamped the layout of the store, added extra freezers, and tried to improve the shopping experience for their customers. This summer saw the addition of a new tea machine, and an expanded deli selection including take and bake pizzas, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and salads. Esther pointed out that this year has had its fair share of challenges, as well.

“The COVID situation was definitely hard. But, after about a week and half, things seemed to straighten out and we actually had better sales numbers than we did last year at this time. We carry the essentials, like milk and bread, things like that, and people would rather come here than Wal-Mart right now.”

The hard work they put into transitioning from full-time employment to full-time small business owners has paid off. Not content to be just a convenience store, the Get-N-Go boasts a variety of necessities. Along with new items added weekly, the store carries the staples Brady villagers have come to expect, such as fresh bait in the form of minnows and worms, a plethora of grocery items, and a wide array of cold drinks and snacks. Tyler truly appreciates the loyal patrons who have stuck with them through the challenges they have faced so far.

Looking to the future, the couple have some expansive plans in mind.

“We want to upgrade the fuel system. New tanks, new pumps, the whole works. We are currently researching a grant to help get that done. We are also planning on renovating the kitchen, but that will be later.” The addition of modern fuel pumps will be a huge benefit to the community, as they offer the convenience of 24-hour availability.

Another addition this year will be a fully stocked fireworks stand, with sales set to begin June 25. “Last summer, we just weren’t sure what people wanted, and we weren’t really sure we even wanted to sell fireworks. This year, we know more what the town likes, so we definitely ordered differently. We have a lot of good stuff in stock.” The fireworks will be located in the shop south of the main store, and be available in the evenings through June 30, and then noon to 10 p.m. July 1-4.

The most up-to-date information on new items coming in, hours of operation, and activities can be found on their Facebook page “@getngobrady”

Above all, Tyler encourages you to come and visit them. “Just stop in and see us, see what we’re doing. It’s a totally different store.”

Different, yes. But you’ll still feel like family.