Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

If you’ve ever been to a wrestling meet, you will have witnessed the gamut of emotions that are encapsulated by that wise statement. You see champions make a single mistake and lose a match they should have won. You see newcomers to the sport get slammed down and pinned over and over again, just to climb back to their feet and try again. Wrestling is a humbling sport, but to the athletes that participate in it, the lessons it teaches are immeasurable.

The Brady Eagle wrestling team has been whittled down by injuries, illness, and drop-outs, but if anything, that has made the core group stronger. Meet by meet, practice by practice, the Eagles are gaining in strength, courage, and grit. Coach Bobby Cahill is impressed by their performance so far as a team.

“We have been to a total of five competitions and six duals. Our dual record right now is 4-5 on the year, and we have wrestled a total of 192 matches so far, winning 100 of those,” shared Cahill. “We still have a lot of improvement to do, but the kids have shown a new fire and work ethic this last week. We look forward to things to come this weekend.”

Last week, the grapplers hosted a triangular against Maxwell and Mullen on Jan. 14, and while they didn’t come out on top in either contest, were able to give the hometown crowd a taste of the growth they’ve experienced. Jeremy Larson and Triston Stearns added to their winning records, both going 2-0 in the contests. Aidan Mullen gave his two competitors a run for their money, despite eventually dropping the matches by decision.

More grit was on display the following day as the wrestlers competed at the SEM tournament in Sumner. Larson handily won his bracket, with Stearns coming in second after an upset in his final match. Isaac (Jacob) Shaner reeled in a win by fall in his first match to land fourth place in 113. Levi Jurjens worked his way to a win as well to place fourth in the 152 bracket. Cameron Carr and Dale Shaner both battled injuries, but Carr still came home with a medal in his four-man bracket to help the team to a seventh place finish.

This week, the Eagles travel to Callaway for their lone tournament of the week. The action begins at 11 a.m. on Friday.


Brady - Maxwell - Mullen

Triangular 1-14-21

Brady v. Mullen, 13-45

113: Eli Paxton (M) over Isaac Shaner by fall at :51.

132: Jeremy Larson (B) over Kyle Durfee (M) by 7-0 decision.

145: James Kessler (M) over Aidan Mullen (B) 14-9 decision.

152: Spencer DeNaeyer (M) over Levi Jurjens (B) by fall at 1:03.

170: Triston Stearns (B) over Sean Simonson (M) by 9-0 decision.

Brady v. Maxwell, 12-51

113: Wyatt Heessel (M) over Isaac Shaner (B) by fall at :37.

132: Jeremy Larson (B) over Easton Messersmith (M) by fall at 1:45.

138: Mason Tilford (M) over Aidan Mullen (B) by 4-3 decision.

152: Cyrus Messersmith over Levi Jurjens (B) by fall at :31.

170: Triston Stearns (B) over Kaydan Hunt (M) by fall at 2:35.

195: Kayden Stubbs (M) over Cameron Carr (B) by fall at 2:25.

S - E - M Tournament


106: Dale Shaner (5-7).

Trevin Edwards (Loomis/Bertrand) won by fall over Shaner in :29.

Owen Hartman (Ansley/Litchfield) won by fall in :55 over Shaner.

113: Isaac Shaner (8-18) placed fourth and scored one team point.

Shaner won by 17-11 decision over Dylan Handley (South Loup).

Carter Beckman (Elgin Public Pope John) won by fall in 1:14 over Shaner.

Jacob Fox (Axtell) won by fall in :14 over Shaner.

Zane Druery (Anselmo-Merna) won by fall over Shaner in 0:50.

132: Jeremy Larson (29-0) placed first and scored 26 team points.

Larson won by fall over Dillon Stark (Ansley/Litchfield) in 1:39.

Larson won by fall over Carson Mason (South Loup) in 2:00.

Larson won by fall over John Kenney (Loomis/Bertrand) in 2:45.

138: Aidan Mullen (4-23).

Chase Racicky (Ansley/Litchfield) won by fall over Mullen in 1:37.

Reece Jones (S-E-M) won by 16-5 decision over Mullen.

152: Levi Jurjens (5-17) placed fourth and scored one team point.

Gavin Cole (Ansley/Litchfield) won by fall in 1:42 over Jurjens.

Donovan Burns (Central Valley) won by fall in 5:17 over Jurjens.

Zane Kreikemeier (Anselmo-Merna) won by fall in :54 over Jurjens.

Jurjens won by 7-4 decision over Jorge Morales (Loomis/Bertrand).

170: Triston Stearns (23-5) placed second and scored 20 team points.

Stearns won by fall in 1:54 over Tiffany Senff (Axtell).

Stearns won by fall in 1:46 over Luke Palmer (Amherst).

Hunter Arehart (Ansley/Litchfield) won by fall over Stearns in :42.

195: Cameron Carr (5-12) placed fourth and scored four team points.

Kolby Larson (Ansley/Litchfield) won by injury default over Carr at 1:56.

Carr lost by medical forfeit to Ashton Hawkins (Axtell) and Kaden Stunkel (Ansley/Litchfield).

The Brady Eagles ended the day as the seventh place team overall.