Sweagles - 10.15

The Brady-Gothenburg Youth Football Team heads to the championship game this Saturday at Brady against Sandhills Valley. The Sweagles A team boasts a 5-0 record and the B team ends the season 3-2. The winner of Saturday’s matchup will be the Sandhills Youth Football League Champions.

Get ready for some football! This weekend, the Brady-Gothenburg Youth Football team, the mighty Sweagles, will get the chance to play under the stadium lights for the championship, right here in Brady. Saturday night, Oct. 17, the 3rd/4th grade team will kick off at 6 p.m., followed by the undefeated 5th/6th grade team at 7 p.m. The matchup will see the Sweagles facing off with the #2 ranked team, Sandhills Valley.

The Sweagles have had an unprecedented season this year, and coach Cody Wolf is thrilled to see them get the chance to play this game. “We didn’t promise them anything, but we told them we were going to try our darndest to get them a night game. I think the boys are going to be pretty stoked that they get this opportunity. It’s really a special thing for them,” he shared.

It’s an honor the team has earned. A lot of the sixth graders enjoying this last year of youth football have been playing together since second grade, and have worked hard to get better year in and year out. Those years of learning to play as a unit have paid off, earning them a season of wins that have led them to the championship game.

Coach Wolf remembers a time when that wasn’t the case, though. “Our sixth graders, when they were young, we were always on the other end, getting beat pretty badly. But we always told them, ‘Keep your heads up, you tried, you played hard.’ Now it’s come full circle, where we’re on the end now that we could score a lot [in this season’s games], but that’s not who we are. We are a team that wants to teach the fundamentals, have fun, and have good sportsmanship.”

Wolf really believes in the heart of the kids who are leading the team, as well. “They’ve stuck their nose to the dirt, and kept grinding away. And now, they are leading the younger kids, showing them how to do the same thing. And that’s something that is important to us. Sportsmanship and hard work are two things we really push in practices and games.”

Those tenets have proven to be a winning combination. The 5th/6th grade A team finished their season with a 5-0 record, winning against Sandhills Valley 50-20, Mullen 28-0, Anselmo-Merna 40-16, Sandhills-Thedford 44-16, and South Loup 36-0. When asked if any one player or players contributed the most to the successful campaign, Wolf stuck to the team mindset.

“It is definitely a team effort. I want to give a shout-out to our sixth grade class. We have a lot of good leaders, and good players on both the offensive and defensive side. They’ve just really stepped up, worked hard, and grown as a team over the last several years,” he said. “I will really miss this class of kids as they move on, but I’m also excited to see them show their potential and see them really compete in junior high and into high school. I’m also excited to see the younger kids who are coming up to take their place. They’re a great group of kids.”

The Sweagles and their coaches would love to see packed stands on Saturday night as they compete for the championship against Sandhills Valley. Join us as they get their first opportunity to play under the lights and cheer on the boys of fall one last time this year! The B team game begins at 6 p.m., and the undefeated A team takes the field at 7 p.m. Go Sweagles!