Tough sets also teach a lot of fantastic lessons, but you have to be willing to look for them. Coach Stearns is a firm believer that sports can teach you a lot about life.

“Sports is not just about winning games,” she shared. “You get to learn to work with people that you’re maybe not best friends with, building relationships with people you may not normally have hung out with.” It’s so true. On or off the court, your character shows.

“The thing I keep telling the girls is to take care of the little things, and just keep trying,” she continued. “In life, you don’t get to walk away when you’re going through a tough time, and the same holds true in the game. Sometimes you have to just put your head down and keep working.”

That mentality got a workout this week, with some disappointing losses wrapped up in valuable lessons learned. The Lady Eagles traveled to Overton on Sept. 22 to face the rival Eagles. Matched up against powerful athletes, and a strong middle, the Brady Eagles fell in three sets, 15-25, 10-25, and 14-25. The team boasted a 92.5% serve percentage, though, and Abby Jurjens led the team with 24 serve receives, followed by Jade Wolf, with 21. “We needed to keep slowed down, but we just got a little flustered against them,” Coach Stearns said,.

“We got some good blocks, but we struggled to get around their senior middles.”

Friday night brought on the Homecoming feature against the Axtell Wildcats, and the Lady Eagles fought hard to improve their defense. They had a gritty rally in the second set, but ultimately fell to the Wildcats in all three, 13-25, 22-25, and 13-25.

The next morning saw the Eagles hosting a tournament on their home court, with a bright spot in their gloomy week. In the contest against Sandhills Valley mid-day, the girls battled back from a first-set loss of 22-25 to win the final two, 25-21 and 25-23. Summer McConville and Jade Wolf led at the net, with 6 kills each. Jurjens, Wolf, and Trinity Christophersen were solid in the back row, each contributing 12 digs. The remaining two contests on Sept. 26 yielded less favorable results. Against Anselmo-Merna, the Eagles fell in two sets, 17-25, 19-25. And the final match of the day, facing Wauneta-Palisade, also netted a loss for Brady, 10-25, 15-25.

The Lady Eagles traveled to Wallace on Sept. 29 for a triangular, with full results printed in the next edition. They now have a full week off in preparation for their next triangular, held at Maywood on Oct. 6, with a start time of 5 p.m.