Risk Dial - 11-18-2020

After a week of rising cases and increased hospitalizations, the West Central District Health Department tipped the scale into the Red-Severe level on their Covid-19 Risk Dial.

One thing that is certain: everything changes. After several months of fluctuating in the Orange-Elevated Risk area, the West Central District Health Department made the move into the Red-Severe Risk level on the dial last week, prompting new restrictions. The increase in positive cases, coupled with the decrease in hospital beds available prompted the change.

This, along with new DHMs implemented by Governor Pete Ricketts, will put our local area back into stricter gathering rules for the foreseeable future. At Brady Public Schools, we are already seeing these changes at our athletic and extra-curricular events, with spectators either restricted to 25% capacity, or in the case of junior high wrestling tournaments, not allowed at all.

According to a recent release, Superintendent James McGown plans on keeping kids safe, and in school as long as possible. “The social and emotional support that in-person education provides diminishes during remote learning. This fact, in conjunction with the recent mask requirement, means we are able to continue to provide in-person instruction and services until unable to safely do so.”

In addition to in-person learning, the sports schedule will continue to be assessed on a daily basis, taking into account the most recent information from the health department, Great Plains Health, CDC, NSAA, Nebraska Governor and Education Commissioner, as well as the Brady School Community.

The NSAA is leaving the decision largely with individual schools for now. In a Nov. 14 Winter Season Guideline update, the NSAA posted, “Circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic are constantly changing and the circumstances vary from community to community. Difficult decisions will have to be made from week to week or even day to day. The health and safety of students, staff, and local communities remain the priority of the NSAA as we provide opportunities to participate in the winter sports season.”

For the most up-to-date protocols, restrictions, and recommendations, check in to the West Central District website at wcdhd.org. For Brady Public School updates and activity guidelines, check the Brady Public Schools Facebook page, bradyschools.org, or call Mr. McGown at 308-584-3317.