Brady Football - 9.10

Quarterback Shane Most launches a pass at Hunter Lovitt in Friday’s game against Maxwell. Most put up some impressive stats on both sides of the ball, completing three passes for a total of 48 yards, 34 rushing yards, scored two touchdowns, and logged five solo tackles and three assists.

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned rivalry match to fill the bleachers on a Friday night. Last week was no exception, as Brady and Maxwell fans alike made for the field to support their teams. They were given plenty of opportunities to cheer. The first three quarters of the game saw the Eagles and Wildcats battling back and forth trading points, followed by the Cats pulling ahead in the final quarter to bring home the win.

The Wildcats received the first quarter kick-off, and steadily marched down the field in their first offensive series, ending with the first touchdown of the game. The Eagles went three and out on their first foray, but managed to stop the Cats the same way. The next series yielded better, with Simmons punching through the defense to hit the end zone and score the Eagles’ first six. Shane Most completed a pass to Jeremy Larson for the 2-point conversion. The Wildcats answered with another touchdown on their next drive, but had no luck with their PAT, bringing the score to 8-12, Maxwell.

Second quarter began with a little help from Maxwell with a personal foul, halving the distance to the goal. Hunter Lovitt took advantage, and ran up the right side into the end zone, repeating the effort to clinch the two point conversion as well, 16-12 Eagles. Most tried for an onside kick that was recovered by the Cats, who used the next two plays to bring it in for 8 more points. The Eagles answered that drive with a short one of their own, culminating in Most bringing the ball up the middle for the touchdown, but then a fumble shot their chances at a PAT. Eagles lead 22-20. The Wildcats, led by Dalton Whisenhunt, charged right back up the field, scoring again followed by the 2-point conversion. 22-28, Wildcats, with 8:14 left in the half. A series of runs by Most, Larson, and Simmons result in a steady march down the field to a touchdown run by Most, bringing the score to a tie, 28-28. Maxwell answered with a touchdown drive of their own, snatching back the lead, and ending the half at 28-34, Wildcats.

Simmons led the Eagles into the third quarter with a punchy run to claim his second touchdown of the night, evening up the score once again. The Wildcats grabbed up a short kick to get good field position in their answering drive, with Whisenhunt taking the ball all the way into the end zone. 34-40, Maxwell. The teams battle it out for the remaining 9:37 in the third quarter, with neither able to make much headway.

The Wildcats start the fourth quarter with possession of the ball, but turn it over to the Eagles on downs. The Eagles then go three and out, punting it back to the Cats. That possession sees the Wildcats taking a chance on a long pass that results in a touchdown and two point conversion. Wildcats lead 34-48. The Eagles try to answer back with a tough drive of their own, but a fumble allows the Cats to get the ball back on their own 33. The Eagles defense held the Cats steady, but they still managed to push for a first down. With just 1:05 left on the clock, the Wildcats took a knee, ending the game in the lead, 34-48.

“We can’t be satisfied with the final result, but the team left everything on the field.  They played with great effort and energy for every play,” commented Coach Andy Seamann. He acknowledges that there are improvements to be made, especially when it comes to cutting down on fumbles and being able to stop the run on defense. But, the potential of the team is exciting as well. “I am very happy and impressed with our team’s effort. All three of our running backs who rotated in the game bring something different to our offense, and they run the ball very hard.”

As for standout players in the game, Seamann said, “Logan Simmons has been stepping up all season. He gave everything he had on both sides of the ball and the energy he plays with rubs off on his teammates.” Simmons was on fire Friday night, contributing 76 rushing yards, 48 receiving yards, two touchdowns, eight solo tackles and six assists. Larson, Lovitt and Most had their noses to the grindstone as well, with 45, 198, and 34 rushing yards, respectively.

Brady will meet Garden County this Friday at home with kickoff at 7:30 p.m. The game will be live-streamed, but if you choose to come cheer on the Eagles in person, please check the Brady Public School’s Facebook page for current Covid-19 protocols for all spectators. Go Eagles!