Letting Go

The leaves are about to show you just how beautiful letting go can be.

The leaves are about to show you just how beautiful letting go can be.

I have seen memes and posts with this or a similar saying on social media feeds for the last few weeks. While I love Fall and the colors it paints the world around us, this quaint quote has left me a bit unsettled.

Letting go is messy. My entire front yard, driveway and sidewalk was covered with leaves after the first snowfall. I could not see even a blade of grass under the thick blanket of leaves. Even though Nebraskans always talk about the wind, it was not my friend as I silently wished the leaves would blow into my neighbor’s yard. Even after raking the leaves into the street, I still have the mess because, of course, the wind then decides to blow so that leaves swirl back into the yard and more leaves fall.

In letting go of circumstances, commitments, people and things, it can be just as messy. Leaving a job or a marriage may be the best choice, but the actual process may not feel beautiful. Instead, it might leave one feeling rather buried under a thick blanket of emotions such as sadness, pain and fear. Moving or selling a home can feel a bit overwhelming to the point that one wishes the wind would blow it all away, or at least the neighbors would come to help. Letting go of friendships and loved ones continues to swirl back into one’s heart and mind for years to come.

I’m not saying that letting go isn’t needed. The changes in seasons are a part of life, and no benefit exists to holding on. In fact, one of my greatest epiphanies in life has been that suffering only exists in the resistance. Accepting the need to let go is an essential first step. The process of letting go, as necessary as it may be, is messy. Acknowledge it for what it is, then move forward gently. This season will pass and another will come, which is what is truly beautiful about letting go.

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