Roxanne Column Art 6.4.2020
Sometimes, we just need to support each other. 

It’s a crazy time.

From a 14-day quarantine to my son not having a traditional high school graduation, this spring has been unusual. Wearing masks, curbside delivery and take-out, and fewer hugs and handshakes have characterized my days. Now, I watch in stunned amazement at protests, riots, looting and chaos.

From messages like “not all heroes wear capes” and “we’ll get through this together,” society has shifted to villainizing and fighting each other. Instead of thinking about how we can support businesses who have been hit by COVID-19, people are looting and ransacking businesses.

It’s a confusing time.

As a mom, I’ve had sadness over how my youngest’s senior year ended and his lack of the graduation experience. I’ve worried about my older children as they continued to work in public environments and were susceptible to the Coronavirus. Now, I have been fearful for my children’s safety in Nebraska’s cities and have reassured my oldest of how proud I was of her when she attended a peaceful protest.

I feel out of control.

Then, I remember that I always have a choice. This allows me to take my power back in very uncertain times. I have many choices available to me.

I chose to find ways to celebrate my son’s accomplishment. I make choices to wear a mask and to look for safe ways to let people know I care. I choose to offer suggestions to my adult children to be wise, and then entrust them into God’s care.

It is also my choice to use my voice to speak out against racism and to speak out against senseless destruction. I choose to have respect toward my fellow humans regardless of their color, social status, ethnicity, occupation, economic standing, or any other defining quality.

What I’m trying to say is “I understand” and “me, too.” I want to convey that all choices matter and everyone has a voice. People may feel helpless to change the world or the whole situation, but they can change their perspective and let their voice be heard in respectful ways. Be kind. Love not hate. Support each other.

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