Roxanne Column art - 11.12

I stood on the edge. The crevice before me was large but not as vast as the badlands that stretched as far as my eye could see.

Aware of my smallness in comparison to the beauty of rock formations and fossil beds surrounding me, I inhaled deeply.

At times, I allow my own thoughts, beliefs and circumstances to become too big. I place myself at the center of my universe and loom large.

Someone once told me that this perspective was like looking at the world through a pinhole. I couldn’t possibly see the whole picture through such a tiny lens.

It comes as a relief when I have a gentle reminder to return to right size. As I exhale, I remember that the universe is a big place and I am one among the vastness of humanity.

I am grateful for the reminder that my ideas are not the only right ideas. My beliefs and views are shaped by my culture and experiences, and therefore, are not the only right beliefs and views. I can’t possibly know what is right for my fellow humans, the country and the world based on my pinhole view of the vastness involved.

I stood on the edge and peered at the expanse around me. Even that moment could not capture the reality of the whole picture. Miles away was prairie and farther down the road the Black Hills.

Aware that my perspective is limited, I accept the invitation to return to right size.

My choice to take the next right step will be my focus. I choose to marvel at the resilience of humanity, to learn from the lessons of history, and to respect the immensity of the universe. I impact my world by loving lavishly, serving faithfully, and accepting life and others exactly as they are.

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