Roxanne Column art - 7.30.2020

As the 24-foot speed boat neared the pristine white beach, I awaited the captain’s cue to drop the anchor into the aqua blue water.

The anchor itself would drop to the ground, but its weight alone was not enough to hold the boat ashore in the rolling waves. The chain attached to the anchor was also needed to tip the anchor, causing it to drag across the bottom of the ocean and grab a hold.

Securely anchored, we were free to go ashore. We could trust that the boat would not drift away.

I was visiting with a friend recently and was reminded of this scene. She was struggling with difficult circumstances swirling around her. I think many people are in this situation this year. The circumstances surrounding all of us seem uncertain and vulnerable to the next wave.

I have reflected on what anchors me in uncertain times. Connecting to my Creator and knowing that there is a Power greater than me is an anchor. This is important, but alone is not enough to hold me steady in the rolling waves of life.

I must allow that anchor to be connected to my past experiences. Remembering how I have been provided what I needed in the past and reflecting on how things have turned out for my good, allows my anchor to grab a hold and firmly ground me.

Although I may be tossed around a little by the rolling waves of the circumstances of this year, I can trust that with an anchor of faith and a chain of my experiences that I will not drift away in what seems like a vastness of the unfamiliar that this year has sent my way.

Then, I am free to go ashore and live in the present moment of each day.

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