The Nebraska State Fair is the premier opportunity for 4-H members to showcase what they have learned and worked on throughout the year. Dawson County 4-H exhibitors had 74 static exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair. The following are the ribbon results for Gothenburg, Brady and Cozad 4-Hers, according to Andrea Nisley, UNL Extension Educator.

Lyndsay Anderson (G) - Red - Floriculture - Hydrangea

Jackson Dowdy (G) - Blue - Aerospace - Rocket-Any skill with wooden fins

Andrew Kreuscher (G) - Blue - Photography Unit II - Abstract Photography Display or Print

Carson Reiman (C) - Blue - Conservation & Wildlife - Wildlife Diorama

Cinch Sanger (B) - Blue - Taxidermy - Tanned Hides or Taxidermy

Colter Sanger (B) - Purple - Wildlife Habitat - Houses

Roman Scott (G) - Purple - Conservation & Wildlife - Wildlife Diorama

Mollie Spradlin (C) - Red - Floriculture - Fairy or Miniature Garden

Rieker Spradlin (C) - Purple - Design Decision - Accessory-Original Made from Metal; Blue - Food Preservation 2 - Drying –

Fruit Leather; Red – Other Natural Resources - Design Your Own Exhibit in Natural Resources, Conservation, Geology or Ecology

Alec Wagner (G) - Blue - Harvesting Equipment - Fish Harvesting Equipment

Casey Wahlgren (G) - Purple - Conservation & Wildlife - Wildlife Essay; Purple - Photography Unit III - Portrait Print

Grant Wahlgren (G) – Blue - Photography Unit II - Candid Photography Display or Print; Blue - Photography Unit II - Creative Techniques & Lighting Display or Print

Reid Wahlgren (G) – Purple - Heritage - Level I : Beginning - Heritage Poster or Flat Exhibit


These Gothenburg, Cozad and Brady 4-H’ers received the following ribbon placings at the Nebraska State Fair in the 4-H Presentation Contest, Fashion Show Contest, Culinary Challenge Contest, Horticulture Contest, Weed and Grass ID Contest, Tree ID Contest, Insect ID Contest, and Special Awards, according to Andrea Nisley, UNL Extension Educator; Sarah Sivits, UNL Extension Educator; and Mike Wolff, Extension Assistant.

Presentation Contest - Blue, Carson Reiman (C) – “How to Build a Diorama”.

Design Gallery Exhibits - Rieker Spradlin (C) - Design Decisions (copper rose) was selected for exhibition in the “4-H Design Gallery”.

Horticulture - Senior Division, Blue, Sarah Treffer (C); Red, Greg Treffer (C) and Rieker Spradlin (C). The Senior Team of Sarah Treffer, Greg Treffer, and Rieker Spradlin ranked 3rd overall.

Weed & Grass Identification - The team of Sarah Treffer, Greg Treffer, Rieker Spradlin, all of Cozad, and Parker Walahoski, Overton, ranked 1st overall.

Tree Identification - Red, Rieker Spradlin (C)


For some Dawson County 4-H’ers the best way to spend a weekend is to compete in livestock shows at the Nebraska State Fair. Dawson County beef, sheep and swine ventured to Grand Island with their owners to compete against the rest of the best from across the state, according to the Dawson County Extension Office.

Special recognition received by Dawson County 4-H’ers was Jacie Wolfinger (L) who was honored with the Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Yearling Breeding Heifer. Here are the details of the 2021 State Fair Livestock competitions:

Beef Showmanship – Senior Showmanship division: Purple, Helene Keiser (G); Red, Trina Pearson (B).

Market Beef - Red, Trina Pearson (B)

Breeding Beef – Blue, Trina Pearson (B); Helene Keiser (G)

Swine – Emma Peterson (G) garnered a blue in Senior Swine Showmanship, and took home a purple ribbon with her gilt.

Meat Goats – For showmanship, both Negley sisters, Abby and Aleigha (G) received blue ribbons. Abby Negley (G) received a blue ribbon on her market goat. In the breeding meat goat doe classes, blue ribbons were received by Abby Negley (G), and Aleigha Negley (G) x 2.

We are proud of all our Dawson County 4-H’ers. They did an excellent job of showing and displaying their animals.

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