A total of 93 4‑H members, parents and leaders attended the 75th annual Dawson County 4‑H Achievement Barbecue held Oct. 25 at the Lexington Middle School Cafeteria.

Winners of the “I Dare You” Leadership Award were Helene Keiser (G) and Spencer Walahoski (O).  The Outstanding 4‑H Member Service Award sponsored by Nebraska Farm Bureau was presented to Abbie Owens (L). Saidi Ringenberg (L) was chosen to receive the Outstanding Junior Leader Award, presented in memory of Melvin Marshall.

Medals for excellence in several project areas were awarded to Jacie Wolfinger (L) – Beef; Lauren Thompson (O) – Companion Animal; Gracie Schneider (C) – Goats; Trina Pearson (B) – Rabbits; Abbie Owens (L) – Home Environment; Parker Walahoski (O) – Shooting Sports; Carson Rohde (S) – Swine; Abbie Owens (L) – Food & Nutrition; Gracie Schneider (C) – Public Speaking; Saidi Ringenberg (L) – Clothing & Textiles; Sydni Ringenberg (L) – Photography; Spencer Walahoski (O) – Sheep; and Bart Beattie (S) – Gardening & Horticulture.

Winner of the Jack Reed Memorial Judging trophy was Mattie Beattie (S), Top Senior Livestock Judge.

Terrence Bliven (L), Benjamin Dones (L), Maggie Duryea (L) and Bristol McConville (L) received the 4‑H Good Start Awards. Rilyn Schledewitz (Oc), Rieker Spradlin (C), Wesley Thompson (L) and Jaelin Wolfinger (L) received the 4‑H Great Job Awards.

State 4‑H Camp/Conference Trip winners were Eli Boryca (C), Abbie Owens (L), Lexi Johnson (G), Bart Beattie (S) and Spencer Walahoski (O).

National 4-H Congress $25 cash awards sponsored by Dawson County Farm Bureau were awarded to: Abby Allen (L); Bart Beattie (S); Eli Boryca (C); Andrew Kreuscher (G); Sydni Ringenberg (L); Gracie Schneider (C); Parker Walahoski (O); and Jacie Wolfinger (L).

National 4-H Congress nominees included: Abby Allen (L); Bart Beattie (S); Eli Boryca (C); Andrew Kreuscher (G); Sydni Ringenberg (L); Hayden Russman (G); Gracie Schneider (C); Daniela Solis (L); Parker Walahoski (O); Jacie Wolfinger (L); and Aven Zimmerman (O).

National 4-H Conference nominees who received Achievement Application medals were: Mattison Beattie (S); Abbie Owens (L); Emma Peterson (G); Saidi Ringenberg (L); Gracie Schneider (C); Greg Treffer (C); Sarah Treffer (C); Spencer Walahoski (O) and Jacie Wolfinger (L).

Three, five and 10 year 4‑H members were recognized: 23 members received their 3‑year pins and 28 members received their 5‑year pins.  Earning 10‑year pins were: Gage Andersen (G), Neligh Andersen (G), Chesney Bartlett (C), Bart Beattie (S), Austin Kennicutt (Be), Abbie Owens (L), Emma Peterson (G), Ariel Rhea (L), Carson Rohde (S) and Hayden Russman (G).

The 4‑H leaders receiving special recognition this year were: Susan Nichols (L) for 20 years; Garth Andersen (G) for 10 years; Mark Reiman (C), Miranda Reiman (C), William Scoville (S), John Mark Sutherland (C), Bret Tiller (G) and Melissa Tufford (L).

In the 4‑H Council election, Jennifer Hunke (L), Stephanie Ringenberg (L), and Carol Keiser (G) were elected for three‑year terms. Bruce Treffer presented Service Certificates to retiring 4‑H Council members Jason Schneider (C), Dave Schledewitz (Oc) and Kim Sutherland (C) in appreciation for their contribution to the 4‑H program.