On Feb. 5, Gothenburg FFA traveled to North Platte for the first round of CDE competitions. The Career Development Event focuses on introducing students to careers involved in agriculture. Results from the competition were as follows:

Ag Mechanics - students take a test and complete team activities that focus on electricity and small engines.

Individual Scores: Jake Burge, Purple; Ryan Brown, Blue; Trevor David, Red; Kai Jorgenson, Red; Bennett Geiken, Red; Turner Gundell, Jaxson Gundell, Sam Aden, Reed Weyers, Dillon McCoy

Team Scores: Trevor David, Jake Burge, Bennett Geiken, Kai Jorgenson - Purple, second place, State Qualifier

BioTech - As a team, students create a presentation about genetics and as individuals, they take a test covering scientific Identification and the biotechnology industry.

Individual Scores: Maggie Aden, Purple, second place; Jamie Graff, Blue; Mike May, Blue; Landon Platter, Blue

Team Scores: Maggie Aden, Jamie Graff, Mike May, Landon Platter, Purple, first place, State Qualifier

Ag Sales - Contestants individually sell a product, and as a team forms a presentation to sell their product.

Individual Scores: Jake Scherer, Blue; Emma Peterson, Red; Savannah Peterson, White; Patrick Moore

Team Scores: Jake Scherer, Emma Peterson, Savannah Peterson, Patrick Moore, White, fourth place

Vet Science - Students individually take a test over animal science-related topics and worked with their teams to identify breeds, equipment, and parasites.

Individual Score: Neligh Andersen, Purple; Heath Keiser, Blue; Jasmin Wagner, Blue; Helene Keiser, Blue; Savannah Jensen, Blue; Shania Wear, Blue; Savannah Peterson, Red; Addisyn Gibbens, Red;

Tucker Wyatt, Red; Ella Bartlett, Red; Gage Andersen, White; Sierra Pearson, White; Jada Peterson, White; Abe Mendez

Team Score: Neligh Andersen, Heath Keiser, Savannah Peterson, Addisyn Gibbens, Blue, second place; State Qualifier

Food Science - Students take a test testing their knowledge about the science and technology of foodstuff, complete a triangle test and sensory evaluation.

Individual Score: Arissa Ackerman, Purple; Maggie Aden, Purple; Lunden Groene, Blue; Mike May, Blue; Chays Hruza, Red; Avery Dumphy, Red; Patrick Moore, Red; Maeve McCoy, Jaiden Davis, Jordyn Franzen, Emma Siemek, Marley Kennicutt, Rylee Naprstek

Team Score: Arissa Ackerman, Maggie Aden, Lunden Groene, Mike May, Red, third place, State Qualifier