If there is anyone who has been granted the proverbial “gift of gab”, it’s Scott Foster. Over the years, his gift has been used to make a living for his family and to touch the hearts and memories of innumerable of people. From providing play-by-play for a high school sports contest to delivering a message from a church pulpit, Foster’s voice has become very familiar to a whole lot of folks.

“I used to play ‘radio’ a lot growing up, recording myself as I commented on certain news events - turning down the volume of the tv so I could do play-by-play on an NFL game,” Foster recalled. “My first real ‘gig’ was doing public address at Neligh’s baseball field the summer of my sophomore year. I then went on to do high school basketball PA when I wasn’t playing and then track and JV football.”

Foster spent the first five years of his life in California, which he said explains why he is a San Diego Padres fan. His family relocated to northeast Nebraska, and he graduated from Neligh High School in 1987. After high school, he enrolled at Northeast Community College and earned an associate degree, then on to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he earned his bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

“I went to school to be a broadcaster. However, I wanted to make a difference and I thought teaching would do that so I changed course,” Foster explained. However, he was never able to completely let go of his broadcasting passion.

“I spent 15 years in education, but still did announcing in some of the places I taught like Las Animas, Colorado and Battle Creek, and of course Gothenburg. Jayson Jorgensen asked me if I would be willing to help do some color analysis for KRVN during the football season. After a couple of years doing that, he asked if I would be willing to do play-by-play. I learned they are very different - color analysis is poetry and play-by-play is prose.”

Foster recalled the first game he did play-by-play announcing. “My son Alec caught a 46-yard pass and I think I blew out speakers all across the listening area,” Foster laughed. “It was a teachable moment for me.”

He is now a full-time broadcaster at KRVN radio in Lexington and said he has been influenced and mentored by all of the people he has worked with over the years. “Working at KRVN has certainly been a dive into the deep side of the pool. It is a very respected and powerful organization.”

Foster also has a very strong faith, which has led him to use his vocal talents in a different capacity. “I started as a Lay Speaker in the Methodist Church under the leadership of Sheila Jobman, and I did lay ministry for many years. Eventually, I got a call from First Christian Church in Elm Creek. I subbed for them several times before they eventually asked if I would just do it more permanently. That was eight years ago,” Foster said. “I love the teaching aspect of serving in a pulpit. I don’t refer to myself as a minister on our church bulletins, but as a teacher. It is a tiny church, but I will be glad to get back there after the pandemic. Those folks are all part of my family and they have sure welcomed us into the fold. I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the church as I might like, since I have another job, but it is such an important place for me and my family.”

Through it all, his wife Marie has been right by his side. High school sweethearts, the couple were married in 1990, and are the proud parents of four children: Alec, Lucas, Mashaela and Gavin. “They have each been a big part of what I do and who I am,” said Foster about his family.

Foster said broadcasting has its own set of unique challenges. “When you put yourself out there you open yourself up for ridicule and criticism,” he explained. “I have gotten hate mail and been challenged and called names. As time goes on, it has become easier to deal with. Often, it is just a matter of considering the source.”

He said that on top of his busy work schedule, he has always tried to stay involved by serving on church, school or community boards and committees. He served as the City Recreation Director in Gothenburg for seven years, and had several leadership roles as a member of the Nebraska State Education Association. He is currently co-chair of the Dawson Area Leadership class and serves on their advisory board, and is president of the Dawson County Historical Society and Museum board.

“I have gotten to be one of the announcers at the Nebraska Championship Meet since its inception. I have also been lucky enough to MC Dancing with the Stars and the Hospital Gala a couple of times,” Foster said.

When not at work Foster enjoys playing baseball on the PS4, yard work, and trying to cook something on his Green Mountain grill. “I unwind by watching old TV shows like MASH and the West Wing several times over. My wife would add that I enjoy changing cars a lot too,” he laughed.

“I am very proud to be living in a place like Gothenburg,” Foster added. “I try to serve as an ambassador for the community wherever I go. It is a truly special place.”

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