Dalrymple family

Dr. Anna Dalrymple loves time with her family; husband, Matt, and sons Jeffrey and Luke.

Growing up the daughter of two physicians, one might have just expected that Anna Dalrymple would follow in their medical footsteps. And while that is indeed what she did, becoming a doctor was not her original plan.

“I initially wanted to go to vet school, but after starting college, talking with my parents, and some experience job shadowing I decided to pursue medical school,” Dalrymple said. “I decided at the end of college, not the beginning.”

Dalrymple grew up in Omaha with her parents and older brother, and graduated from Millard North High School in 2004. She attended her first two years of college at Washington University in St. Louis, and her last two years at Creighton University in Omaha, where she graduated with a bachelor of arts in anthropology.

“I transferred to Creighton to be closer to home,” Dalrymple explained. However, she said she enjoyed her years at Washington University. “I was in a sorority in St Louis, Kappa Kappa Gamma. I have not stayed as active as I’d like with that. I also participated with the equestrian team at Washington University.”

She took two years away from the classroom to work at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and participate in research at the University of Colorado, before entering medical school. While in med school, Dalrymple met a fellow med student from Gothenburg, Dr. John Blecha who is now an Ear Nose & Throat specialist in Kearney.

“He gave my now husband, Matt Dalrymple, my number,” she recalled. “I was on a rotation in Ogallala when he asked me out on our first date, so it wasn’t quite as long a drive as if it were in Omaha. We dated long distance through my last year of medical school, and we got married my first year of residency. That was a lot of driving that I don’t miss.”

Dalrymple completed her family medicine residency in Lincoln, through the Lincoln Medical Education Partnership (LMEP), which is affiliated with UNMC. She joined the staff at Gothenburg Health in 2017, her first practice out of residency.

Her husband, a Gothenburg native, is a farmer and rancher. They have two sons; Jeffrey will be three in May, and Luke, eight months.

Dr. Dalrymple is a board member of the Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians. She and her family are members of the First Presbyterian Church, and she said she tries to stay as active as she can at the hospital.

“I love to quilt. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to do this,” she responded when asked about her interests outside of work. “I also love cooking for my family, and when I have a chance, running to work those calories off. I try to create an ambitious garden every year but didn’t inherit my mother’s green thumb so it is usually looking pretty sad by August!”

She said she enjoys living and working in Gothenburg, and would like to get more involved in the community. “I would like to do some continuing education to further my practice as a family physician and to serve our community better,” Dr. Dalrymple added. “We have little kids right now, but I feel that as they grow we will become more present and able to work towards this goal.”

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