A ceremony honoring the Gothenburg High School graduates of 2020 was scheduled to be held on Saturday, Aug. 1 at the football field stadium. However, due to the current pandemic situation and rise in the number of positive Covid cases in Gothenburg, school administrators made the very difficult decision to cancel the ceremony for the safety of the students and public. We want to take this opportunity to honor the Class of 2020.

CLASS COLORS: Blue and Chrome

CLASS SONG: “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa

CLASS FLOWER: Rose dipped in class colors

CLASS MOTTO: “Four years we will never forget, even if we did some things we regret.”


President - Ryan Brown

Vice President - Heath Keiser

Secretary - Neligh Andersen

Treasurer - Tucker Wyatt

At-Large Representatives -

Conner Baker and Maggie Aden


President - Ryan Brown

Vice President - Heath Keiser

Secretary - Neligh Andersen

Corresponding Secretary -

Maggie Aden

Here are the GHS 2020 graduates:

Adam Reinhard, son of Michael and Cindy Reinhard.

Addisyn Gibbens, daughter of Tim and Becky Gibbens.

Allyson White, daughter of Jake and Jakeh White.

Alyssa Demoret, daughter of Clint and Theresa Demoret.

Amya Bliven, daughter of Eric Bliven.

Anna Cooper, daughter of Corey and Cindy Cooper.

Avery Lynn Streeter, daughter of Blayre and Tyic Miller.

Bailey Coulter, daughter of Eric and Dusty Coulter.

Bailey Donahue, daughter of Joe and Mary Donahue.

Brendan Libich, son of Kara and Travis Libich.

Brody Stienike, son of Tyler and Michelle Stienike.

Bryce Ryker, son of Seth and Crystal Ryker.

Bryn Alexis Schlake, daughter of Misty Schlake and Trent Schlake.

Camryn James Klintworth, son of Chad Klintworth and Jessica Klintworth.

Cara Hudson, daughter of Tara and Jon Hudson.

Cassandra Callahan, daughter of Connie Norby and Shane Callahan.

Conner Baker, son of Kylie and Zac Baker.

Corben Libich, son of Kara and Travis Libich.

Corbyn Ray Vaughn Sattler, son of Donna and Anthony Haggart and Steven Sattler.

Danise Sianuqui, daughter of Bertha and Phil Kuhlman.

Dawson Young, son of Robert and Tara Young.

Dennis Sabin, son of Sureyma and Jeremy Wozny.

Dillon McCoy, son of Dan McCoy and Julie Kniss.

Dylan Farr, son of Brooke Kelsey.

Ethan Daniel Myers, son of Ed and Kristin Hastings, and Douglas Myers.

Falis Ismail, daughter of Mark and Lana Tiede.

Grace Blake, daughter of Rebecca and Josh Blake.

Grant Jensen, son of Allen Jensen and Karla Jensen.

Hanna Schaben, daughter of Mary and Jeff Harbur.

Heath Joseph Keiser, son of Joe and Carol Keiser.

Ian Noller, son of Betsy Noller (Guardian) and Kendra Noller.

Isaiah Anton Young, son of Amy Young.

Jada Peterson, daughter of Jeff and Carrie Peterson and Todd Deietene.

Jaelynn Hemphill, daughter of Adam and Nicky Bean.

Jamie Elizabeth Graff, daughter of Jim and Kim Graff.

Jaycee Lynn Stupka, daughter of Tyler and Danielle Gilligan.

Jacey Golter, daughter of Nolan and Traci Golter.

Jayden “Doug” Benzel, son of Levi and Renee Hansen.

Jaylyn Bodfield, daughter of Mike and Krista Bodfield.

Johanna Foster, daughter of Rex and Rita Foster.

John Stanely, son of Yvette Joy.

Jordan Rossell, son of Shellie Holt-Rossell and Randy and Cressy Rossell.

Joseph Headley, son of Amy and Jamie Headley.

Kaitlyn R. Harrison, daughter of Kully Harrison and Amy Harrison.

Karlee Ann Marie Mayers, daughter of Eddie and Cheri Mayers.

Kristofer Pearson, son of Robyn Favinger and Jeff Pearson.

Landon Platter, son of Steve and Heather Platter.

Laykin Wilkins, daughter of Noel Wilkins, Jacinda Wilkins, and Michelle and Tyler Stienike.

Liliana Sitorius, daughter of Jeremy and Tricia Sitorius.

Liliana Venegas, daughter of Fatima Venegas and granddaughter of Carmen and Tony Gonzalez.

Madeline Jorgenson, daughter of Brad and Lisa Jorgenson.

Maggie Aden, daughter of Jim and Lichelle Aden.

Maguire John Bartlett, son of Jeff and Heidi Bartlett.

Malakai Piel, son of J.D. and Ashley Riley.

Marc Ackerman, son of Steve and Polly Ackerman.

Mashaela Foster, daughter of Scott and Marie Foster.

Mason Mendell, son of Gwen and Don Jensen and Steve Mendell.

Matthew Shea, son of Thomas and Lois Shea.

Michael Azar, guardian son of Jon and Carol Mapa.

Neligh Andersen, daughter of Garth and Maria Andersen.

Olivia Jorgenson, daughter of Bob and Jill Jorgenson.

Porter Slack, son of Jeremiah Slack, and Mary and Nate Baker.

Preston R. Schroeder, son of Mike and RoxAnne Schroeder.

Rosemary McVay-Tagoa’i, daughter of Laurie McVay-Togoa’i and Tamotu Tagoa’i.

Ryan Brown, son of Scott and Laurie Brown.

Ryleigh Widick, daughter of Lacy and Scott McVay, and Adam Holland.

Savannah Peterson, daughter of Paul and Shannon Peterson.

Savannah Sue Boomhower, daughter of Nicole Boomhower and Joshua Boomhower.

Tessa Oliver, daughter of Darin and Kathy Oliver.

Trenton Peterson, son of Ginny and Travis Peterson.

Tucker Wyatt, son of Nate and Charity Wyatt.

Tyler D. Whiting, son of Jeff Whiting and Roxanne Converse-Whiting.

Weston Jinks, son of Khristine and Curtis Jinks.

Xanthia Brian, daughter of the late James Brian, and Kelly Lacy and Josiah Lacy.

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