It happens once every four years - Leap Year. And this month the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce is joining a national movement to make the extra day count.

The Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce in New York invented #LeapOfKindnesDay in 2016 as a creative way to spread kindness in their community. In 2020, more than 120 Chambers of Commerce across the nation are celebrating Leap of Kindness Day, and the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors decided to get involved.

Leap Year provides an opportunity for local businesses and organizations to show extra kindness by giving even more of their time to local nonprofits or do something kind for someone else. The Chamber board gives five ideas that anyone can do on Leap of Kindness Day or any day for that matter.

Tip BIG. Go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Leave a BIG tip and a note that says Happy Leap of Kindness!

Make a donation to your favorite charity. Share your donation and encourage others to follow your lead using the hashtag #leapofkindnessday in the post.

Take some food - a fruit or vegetable platter or a basket of baked goods or pizzas - with a thank you note to the police or fire station.

See if your church or the food pantry need donations of food or clothing or personal care items and deliver something. Maybe start a collection drive in your place of work, school, etc.

Send a Thank You note to someone who made a difference in your life: a teacher, mentor, doctor, nurse, co-worker, family member, etc. Maybe you mail it early but write on the envelope to open on February 29th. You might even include a gift card to really surprise them!

Members of the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce board of directors are delivering meals for the Senior Center on Monday, Feb. 24, and working at the Sun Theatre on Friday, Feb. 28. The board encourages everyone to take a leap of kindness on Feb. 29.