Customers are asked to reduce any electrical usage effective immediately and through midnight, Feb. 15, and the following 48 hours to mitigate the risk of potential widespread and longer-lasting outages.

The effects of widespread and extreme cold weather have led to increasingly tightening conditions in Southwest Power Pool’s (SPP) service territory.

Our supplier is  currently operating all available generating resources to meet demand but request voluntary conservation by electric consumers. Electric consumers can do the following to assist without putting safety at risk:

• Turn down thermostats to 68 degrees and lower at night.

• Close shades and blinds to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows.

• Turn off and unplug non-essential lights and appliances, computers and printers.

• Close the fireplace damper when not in use to avoid losing heat through the chimney. 

• Avoid using large appliances (i.e., ovens, washing machines, etc.).

• Business should minimize the use of electric lighting and electricity-consuming equipment as much as possible.

• Do not connect a generator to your home's electrical system. Consult a licensed electrician.

• Do not use any grilling equipment for heat indoors. Charcoal and gas grills produce large amounts of carbon monoxide and even small amounts have potentially fatal results.


Contact Ellen Mortensen at or call 308.537.9498