For the past few years the city of Gothenburg has been working to address a housing shortage that not only faces this community but many others across the state. Over the past year the Gothenburg Improvement Company (GIC) has been in a position to facilitate the acquisition of at least three properties within the city to be developed for housing.

A few weeks ago ground was broken on one of those properties, known as Peterson Estates, and the framing for the first home has begun. It is always exciting to see construction taking place in a community, and even more exciting when that construction is designed to meet a very important need.

According to CDC/GIC Housing Director Robyn Geiser, three new homes are being built on the east side of Avenue M in the Peterson Estates. Across the street on the west side of Avenue M, in the Crossing subdivision, the infrastructure is currently going in and basements will soon be dug for four more new homes. Geiser explained that those four homes will be workforce housing, while the ones on the east side will not.

“We have a maximum of $285,000 sales prices that workforce housing can be. The ones on the east side will be above that,” Geiser explained. The purpose of workforce housing is to make owning a single family home more affordable for working families.

“These will have two car garages and unfinished basements. They are going to be nice homes for someone, especially if they have the ability to do any work themselves and gain some equity that way,” said Geiser.

Six more workforce homes are scheduled for construction on Washington Street, which will be the last of the three development projects to be done. There are 12 lots in the Crossing subdivision, with the first phase of building being four homes.

Geiser said one of the homes in the Peterson Estates is soon to be under contract and buyers have expressed interest in the other two. All of the homes currently being built are three bedroom, two bath homes.

“Whenever possible we are trying to use local contractors on these projects. The pressure is on our general contractors to meet deadlines because of our tight budget, but it is a part of their contract and a priority for them to use local contractors and purchase supplies locally whenever they can,” Geiser explained. “We want them to use locals in everything, but timing is really an issue.”

Axxis Elite Builders of North Platte is the general contractor on the Peterson Estates project, while MC Wells Contracting of Omaha is the contractor for the Crossing project. Kent Kline of Gothenburg is doing the Washington Street project.

“All of these guys will continue to look for local subcontractors. It is a priority for them and for GIC,” Geiser said.

She said it is anticipated that the first of the new homes will be completed in early Spring of 2022, with all of the homes finished by next summer. Anyone interested in learning more about possibly purchasing one of the homes is encouraged to contact Geiser at

Contact Ellen Mortensen at or call 308.537.9498