City Horses

Following a public hearing in which there were no objections from community members, a resolution approving a proposed redevelopment plan for the city was approved by the Gothenburg City Council Tuesday evening.

The plan includes a 2021 housing project on two separate pieces of property within the city which have been determined to be blighted and in need of redevelopment. Those two properties are The Crossing Subdivision, part of the Hilltop Estates Subdivision, and the Goshen Subdivision located on Washington Street between Avenue J and Avenue L. The Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) prepared the plan for the project.

The council approved a special use permit for construction of homes on the properties, which had been previously approved by the city’s planning and zoning board. Assistant City Attorney Colten Venteicher noted that this project would not be economically feasible without the use of funds from tax increment financing (TIF).

After examining the costs and benefits to the City, it was determined that this housing project would be in the long-term best interest of the community. These new subdivisions will prevent the spread of blight and substandard conditions while promoting additional safe and suitable housing for individuals and families.

The two tracts of land being used for the project are both currently zoned R-2, residential district. Approving this plan is just the first step of the project, which will eventually add nearly 20 new single family homes to Gothenburg’s housing inventory and tax roll.

The only other item of business on the Jan. 19 agenda was an agreement allowing US Cellular to attach small cell antennas and accessories to city owned utility poles, which was tabled.

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