Roxanne Column art - 7.23.2020

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel by speedboat across the gulf stream and into the ocean. However, the waters were too turbulent for us to pass alone. While the speed boat was good sized, it couldn’t compare to the vastness of the ocean and the strength of the waves.

After waiting out the weather for two days, a larger boat’s crew offered to let us follow in their wake. It was amazing to see how they parted the choppy waters for us. We sailed along behind them in a less than smooth ride, but it was certainly better than what we would have faced if we had tried it on our own.

What I noticed is that sometimes we make a way for others, while other times we need to allow others to make a way for us.

As I watched the waters part before us, I was mesmerized by how high the waves on either side were. The center of the wake was the best place to be. It would not have been safe or beneficial to be anywhere else.

How often I think I need to go it alone, yet it is not beneficial for me. I feel pressure to accomplish things by myself and face the struggles of life on my own. Yet, the best place I can be is living in community by giving and receiving.

When I humble myself enough to ask for help, I find that the roughest waters in life can be crossed. When I allow others to either come alongside me or to make a way for me by their example and experience, I am able to navigate the waves of life.

Crossing the ocean is an experience I’ll never forget, but I also hope I won’t forget that I don’t have to face this life alone. I live my best life when I remember that I’m better off accepting the support and help of others than trying to brave it on my own.

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