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I watched as the quarterback threw the ball to an empty spot on the field. When the ball was released, no one was there to catch the ball. However, as the play unfolded, the receiver arrived with arms outstretched just in time to make the catch.

The playbook of 2021 is about to unfold. As we look into the distance, the blanks to many of our questions are empty. Just like that quarterback, we are asked to release our goals and hopes before we know how they will unfold.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” Hebrews 11:1.

As we turn the corner into a new year, many things are hoped for and it is not possible to see how they will turn out. That is the reason we need faith.

A president is reluctant to leave office. A virus is mutating to a seemingly more contagious state. Vaccinations provide hope, yet uncertainty. The news reports of unjust shootings and bizarre explosions. Stimulus packages dangle before us, while national debt and personal bills loom large. The new year holds many challenges.

Yet, hope remains. Hope that the pandemic will end and political parties will work toward the common good. We lean toward moments when we can embrace loved ones and gather with friends. A yearning remains for justice, equality and peace.

I think about the moment the quarterback released the ball. He acted in confidence and “as if” the receiver was already in place. Hesitation and doubt would have only caused the play to fail. He had to act from the evidence of what he could not yet see.

As I start 2021, I choose to operate like that quarterback. I choose to act from the evidence of what I cannot yet see. I trust Love will be present and that I will have what I need as each moment unfolds. Believing that, I will not hesitate to do the next right thing and to take positive steps toward the outcomes for which I hope.

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