Bell family

The Bell family from left, JJ, Melissa, Scout, John, and Ruby.

It feels like yesterday we put out our first issue. Last 4th of July, I can remember the cover. Thank you Gothenburg for helping us through year one. I have lived in Gothenburg most of my life but have learned so much this year about how our town works.

I am most proud of our staff. The girls have done everything we have asked them to do and they continue to do even more. I care about all of them, the true enjoyment of this project is helping them create products that they care about in an environment that fosters creativity. When you support the Leader, you are supporting the staff and I appreciate that.

Colten and I partnered on the concept of the Gothenburg Leader with entirely different backgrounds but a shared goal. We felt Gothenburg needed and deserved to be documented well. Obviously we can improve, but the effort from the staff thus far is to be commended and we hope you value our weekly effort to illuminate the quality of life in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg businesses all need to be thanked for what they have done for us. Without them, we could not proceed. Recent months have been extraordinarily difficult for all of us. The fact that we are forging onward and in operation today is a testament to the collective effort from them. Thank you.

Print, design, and overall regard for aesthetic is important to me. The presentation of Gothenburg from every angle is important to me. I am happy to take on the responsibility of the printed record. It is very important.

Thank you to my family. They can tell when I am thinking about “the paper” and how to grow our scope of services. They have been patient with me. Melissa, Rubo, Scouter and Birdie.

Thank you to Colten. You are an impressive young person with fervor for the success of this community that is unmatched. I still wonder when you will wear out……thank you for your help. For those of you who do not know Colten, he is an asset. Trust me, he works hard for all of you.

Thank you to the staff and the community. We took a risk. Starting a business in what most perceive to be a dying industry, coupled with rural area, compounded the difficulties. Celebrating a year of publication is a testament to a collective effort. This is a special place.

There is a short survey on the back page of this Anniversary Issue. Please fill it out, I would consider it a personal favor. My phone number is 529-3072 if you ever want to reach me.