Roxanne columna rt - 5.14

Roxanne reminds us there are always many options, solutions, perspectives and possibilities.

I got lost twice this past week. One in a literal sense and one in a metaphorical sense. Both provided an interesting learning opportunity.

On a bike ride in unfamiliar surroundings, I planned to travel for five miles before turning around.

A ten mile bike ride sounded perfect on a sunny, but brisk morning. However, one small decision to cross to the other side of the river led away from the planned course and an additional 10 mile ride.

Along the way, I was unexpectedly able to see beautiful homes and have a rigorous aerobic experience. It all worked out. I arrived safely with an interesting story to tell.

I am not proud to admit that I often think that I have the best plan. It is also easy for me to think that my idea is the only way.

Recently, life has been reminding me of some important truths:

• Everything works out as it is intended. Trust the process.

• There are always many options, solutions, perspectives and possibilities.

• Energy spent resisting reality is wasted and only robs me of the gifts of the present.

The other time I got lost this week reinforced these truths.

I had a plan for the day. I wanted to accomplish three or four different things. However, someone else in my world had a different plan. I got lost in the frustration of not getting my way.

I meandered through self-pity. It all worked out. Everything was accomplished in the end.

Getting lost is often a result of my own self-will and small decisions that don’t serve me well.

How quickly I forget these simple truths and need to be guided back to the path of trust, staying in the present, and accepting reality.

Usually, I return with an interesting story to tell and an important lesson learned.

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