Sometimes, taking the time to be still and in the moment allows for you to take a breath and remember that all you can do is what you can do - and to find peace in that. 

As I sit watching the red sun rise, I hear a bird’s melody distinct from the rest. It is a cardinal sitting on the highest branch with its whole body moving from the vibration of its song. For just that brief moment, nothing else matters. Just the cool morning air on my skin and the cardinal’s melody are all that exist.

Not the pressures of the day. I have a long to-do list. Many people and tasks need my attention. The “should” voice in my head hardly seems to slow down. Every day’s tasks spill over into the next hoping for attention or completion. The feeling of being behind and unable to catch up is a constant companion.

Except in this morning moment.

Not the worries of tomorrow. It hasn’t happened yet, but I run possible scripts in my mind constantly. Sometimes, they are horror scripts consisting of all the worst scenarios. Other times, they are fairy tales filled with longing of what could be. While I wish I could have a hint at what is to come, I know that my time and energy is not best used anywhere but in the present.

So I let myself be fully captivated by a morning melody.

Not the uncertainties of my mind. I doubt myself. I’m not sure if my perceptions are true or false. I wonder if what I’ve done and who I am is a complete mistake. I fight for people’s approval and rarely earn my own. I circle the decisions of my life mentally to a dizzying result.

Until I pause to marvel at a moment with a cardinal.

Then, the stillness comes. I’m centered and whole. Love is present in this moment. Here is harmony, beauty, and trust. I am only asked to live one moment at a time and to find moments in which to be still more often.

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