Broken Glass

The glass vase toppled from the shelf above and shattered into the spaghetti cooking on the stove. Shards of glass everywhere. Dinner was no longer edible.

Shattering is always messy.

A dear friend and I discussed over lunch recently to offer gratitude for the shattering of life. The idea presented was that the seed must shatter to bring forth the new life that is destined inside. While the initial state of the seed can never be returned, the new version of life has the potential for great beauty, growth and even harvest.

Shattering can be difficult, yet productive.

Another loved one offered shared experience of a shattering to a friend experiencing a fresh shattering. What once felt devastating and incredibly painful has become positive in many ways over time for this loved one. In the freshness of a friend’s shatter, it is hard to believe everything will be alright. Yet, with time and healing, the broken pieces have created a new whole.

Shattering is painful but doesn’t last forever.

My favorite illustration of shattering is a stained glass sign that says “hope.” The small pieces from a shattering have been intricately put together to create a new beautiful piece of art. That is hope. That in the inevitable shatterings of life, there is purpose and beauty is possible. The sign hangs in the window with sunlight illuminating its beauty.

Anyone who has lived very much life will experience a shattering. However, it is important to remember that it's okay to throw out the ruined spaghetti, drink a glass of wine and order delivery. And, every time you enjoy a beautiful flower or taste a delicious vegetable from the garden, whisper a silent “thank you” to the seed that shattered. In the end, remember it really will be okay.

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