Leader staff celebrate

The staff of the Gothenburg Leader celebrates their first anniversary. From left are, Ellen Mortensen, Alisa Mullen, Rebecca Steward, and Sarah Miller.

On July 3, 2019, the Gothenburg Leader joined the ranks of 200 other media sources in providing community information in newsprint to Nebraska readers. Newspapers have a very storied history in our state, and the Leader team is very proud to be a part of helping preserve that.

While the very first paper in the state was a military journal published at Ft. Atkinson, most of the early publications had strong political interests. Nebraska Palladium was the first paper published in the newly established Nebraska Territory in 1854, but it lasted less than a year.

J. Sterling Morton, credited with founding Arbor Day, served as editor of the Nebraska City News - which was designed primarily to reflect Morton’s political views. That paper, along with the Falls City Journal, are the only two Nebraska newspapers still in print with roots in the territorial period.

Today, community newspapers completely shy away from any type of political alliance, and strive to provide the public with the most factual and accurate information possible. In this world of digital media, we will continue to be your source for sound local content. That is the Leader’s pledge to you.