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Traveling at 80 miles an hour in four lanes of traffic requires faith.

I have to have faith that the drivers around me will stay in their lanes unless signalling otherwise. I need faith that traffic will keep moving unless brake lights appear. And, I have to trust other drivers will do their best to not hit me or do something that would cause me to hit them.

Traveling life is a lot like traveling in multiple lanes of traffic. It can be scary and nerve-wracking, while also being productive. Yet, I still need faith to maneuver through it.

I would like to believe that while I work to stay in my own lane, others around me will do the same. It is not beneficial to get into someone else’s lane without signaling. They may not be open to my views or thoughts. Perhaps they aren’t looking for a different perspective or advice. So, moving into their lane without a signal often causes harm to both individuals and the relationship. Not only do I want to be a safe person who does not enter someone else’s lane without asking, I want to have faith that those around me will do the same.

Similarly, I need faith to believe that others traveling through life with me are doing their best. If I believe the worst, I journey through life with anger, skepticism and bitterness. However, if I trust that my fellow travelers are doing their best, I can offer empathy and acceptance.

While we might be momentarily heading in the same direction, we are not all headed to the same destination, in the same vehicle and with the same cargo. Everything doesn’t have to be the same for me to be able to journey down the road with the people in my life. Just as I cannot expect a semi truck to maneuver traffic the same way a four-door Honda would, I cannot expect others with various life experiences and loads to maneuver through life the same way I do. I must have faith to believe that we are all doing our best.

Sometimes life is hard and uncertain, but faith toward my fellow humans makes the journey possible and productive.

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