Gothenburg Health encourages families to make sure their children are caught up on wellness visits and vaccines in addition to sports physicals.

Families have been doing their part by staying at home as much as possible to help stop the spread of COVID-19. An unfortunate result is that many children missed checkups and recommended childhood vaccinations. Along with the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Gothenburg Health’s team of family practice providers encourages every child to continue receiving recommended vaccinations and well checks during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CDC, stay-at-home orders have resulted in declines in outpatient pediatric visits and fewer vaccine doses being administered, leaving children at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases.

This year, Gothenburg Health recommends that families get their child’s sports physical completed with their annual exam. If done simultaneously, the sports physical cost will be covered with the wellness visit. Most insurance plans typically reimburse wellness exams, making this a low-cost option.

Dr. Kayla Knauss, family practice provider at Gothenburg Health, said it is understandable that many families may have delayed well-child checks. Nevertheless, the CDC has deemed these checkups as “essential.”

“We understand that many children in our community may have missed well-child checks or vaccines because of the effects of COVID-19 and recommendation to limit non-essential visits,” said Knauss. “However, the CDC also shared guidance highlighting the importance of continuing routine child care and immunizations to ensure children stay on track for preventative services.”

Additionally, Dr. Knauss emphasized the importance of annual wellness visits. “An annual wellness visit can aid in the detection of conditions that may otherwise go unnoticed, including concussions or underlying illnesses,” Knauss said.

The Medical Clinic at Gothenburg Health continues to ensure the safety of all patients that come in for a visit. Masks are still required and help protect you and your children during a wellness exam. “Gothenburg Health is following all CDC guidelines to ensure patient safety,” explained Cassie Hilbers, Clinic Operations Director at Gothenburg Health. “Additionally, anyone who enters our building is screened with a temperature check and a series of questions to determine if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure.”

“Our primary care providers are dedicated to caring for your children,” Hilbers said. “We encourage families who have missed or delayed routine well-child visits, annual physicals, and vaccinations to contact the clinic to schedule an appointment.”

Call the Medical Clinic at Gothenburg Health today to schedule an appointment: 308-537-4066.


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