Sen. Matt Williams

Sen. Matt Williams

Greetings District 36. I would like to build off last week’s communication regarding community efforts that are being undertaken in response to the pandemic. In working with community members across our District, an overriding theme keeps coming to mind: “Together we are Stronger!”

I have a good friend who is a Doctor of Psychology. Through his research he concludes that human beings will only react in one of three ways when faced with adversity. They will quit, they will blame, or they will step up and accept the responsibility of working together for positive change.

The community members working in concert to help each of us include school officials, chamber members, hospital workers and administrators, teachers, business owners, nursing home administrators, doctors, nurses, ministers, and day care providers. Not once has someone told me they were going to quit! Not once has someone blamed someone else for this situation. What I have witnessed is people “stepping up and accepting the responsibility to work together for positive change”.

Our schools are closed to students but teachers and administrators are working tirelessly to provide on-line learning opportunities to students at all levels. It’s not easy and it’s a burden for teachers, students, and parents.

Our critical access hospitals have instituted changes to provide more personal protective equipment to employees, provide separation and safety for patients and employees. All this while also addressing other health care needs that arise in our communities.

Our nursing homes have closed their doors to visitors while working to maintain a safe environment for their residents and employees. Yet, nursing home employees have doubled down on efforts to keep families informed about their loved ones and instituted new ways for families to communicate.

And it goes on: Our churches are not holding in person services, but they have found new ways to connect and support their members using technology. Most of our day care centers have closed, but communities have found new ways to take care of our children using other facilities like the YMCA’s and churches. Many business owners have applied for Paycheck Protection Program loans so they can keep their workforce employed. Restaurants have found ways to adapt to carry out service.

I remain inspired by the grit, strength, resolve, and spirit of the people in our communities. It would be easy to quit, give up. It would be understandable to blame someone else for all these troubles. Yet, we don’t! Folks in our communities are accepting the responsibility of working together for positive change, understanding it’s really the only answer.

We don’t know what the future will hold. We don’t know when life will go back to normal, or know what normal will look like. What we do know, though, is people always make a difference and we are blessed with great people in our communities! Thanks to everyone for making sacrifices every day to “flatten the curve”; and thanks to everyone for supporting the efforts of people in our communities. Together we are stronger!

Even with the legislative session suspended, we continue to work from home. Please feel free to call my office at 402-471-2632 or email me at with any questions or concerns.