The Barn Quilts of Dawson County had another piece added to their tour on Thursday, July 2, when Anne Anderson presented one of her designs to the City of Gothenburg. The barn quilt was hung on the west side of City Hall.

Anderson said she was commissioned by the Gothenburg Tourism Committee to produce five barn quilts for the community. The patriotic piece that was placed at City Hall last week was the second of those five to go on public display. A smaller barn quilt painted by Anderson can be seen in the window of the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce.

“This piece has about 10 coats of polyurethane on both sides to seal it,” Anderson said of the quilt at City Hall. “I put that on in my garage so it has to be warm enough for me to work out there. I painted it in March, when I couldn’t go any place, and finished when it warmed up.”

One of her designs will be placed on the Sun Theatre, and the other two will go to yet-to-be-disclosed businesses in town.

There are more than 100 brightly painted barn quilts on display throughout Dawson County, and several can be viewed here in Gothenburg. Along with providing beautiful artwork for local residents to enjoy, the quilts are utilized to attract visitors and promote local tourism.

According to the Dawson County Barn Quilts website, barn quilts began nearly 20 years ago in Ohio and has become the fastest growing grassroots art movement across the US and Canada. Anderson said she thoroughly enjoys painting the quilts and finds it very rewarding to see her work on display in her community.

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