Prom Fundraiser

Gothenburg High School junior Trevor Galas is spearheading a fun fundraising effort for the junior/senior Prom.

This is the time of year when fundraisers seem to be everywhere. Coming up with new ideas to raise money for various projects can be a challenge, but this year’s Gothenburg High School junior class has developed a doozy!

Class members are asking students and the public to vote for your 'favorite' teacher to get their faces pied at the Homecoming pep rally. Participating teachers are: Mr. Negley, Mrs. Rickertsen, Mrs. Rubenthaler, Mrs. Scherer, Mr. Carlin, Mr. Ryker, Ms. Schuett, and Mr. Haake - and they need your vote!

Each vote costs $1 and students can add their name in the drawing to PIE THE TEACHER! The more votes, the more likely that teacher will be chosen.

“Our class officers got together and tried to think of some different ideas for fundraisers than what had been done before,” explained GHS junior Trevor Galas. “We did some research online and found this idea and thought it sounded like fun.”

Trevor’s mom, Heidi, said he took the ball and ran with it - and with the help of several other junior students they put the fundraiser together. Trevor made fliers with the names and photos of the participating teachers, and Sydney Houchin made cute mason jars with a photo of each teacher to be displayed at the sporting events to collect “votes”.

Money for votes was taken during the Harvest Festival volleyball tournament and the football game on Sept. 18. Votes will also be accepted any time throughout the school day in the high school office, until Wednesday, Sept. 29. Checks or cash can also be mailed to the school. Make checks to GPS with “Pie Face Fundraiser” in the memo line.

The pep rally announcing the teacher with the winning votes will be held on Friday, Oct. 1, and everyone is welcome to attend. The pep rally will also be streamed live and recorded.

Contact Ellen Mortensen at or call 308.537.9498