Roxanne Art

Roxanne Art

I have been stressed out. I have wasted a tremendous amount of energy worrying. I have struggled to control the situation. And, I have been terrified things would not turn out.

Then, everything worked out. It turned out like it was supposed to. And, all was well.

One of my favorite characters in a book goes on a journey. As she travels through valleys, deserts and mountainous areas, she picks up a stone each time a lesson is learned or she understands a principle that she wants to remember. Gradually throughout the journey, she collects a bag of stones that remind her of the times that all was well and what she gained from the experience.

Like this character, I have collected examples and memories of when I experienced the truth: “Everything will work out the way it is supposed to. It always does.” As I face uncertain times or circumstances that are different than expected, I bring these to mind and roll them around in my mind like a stone rolled in my fingertips. And as I do, my faith grows and peace like a river floods my soul. All is well.

I cannot control the outcomes of life nor can I avoid the interruptions and unexpected twists. It does not serve me well to manage others’ perceptions and emotions. However, I always have a choice to pull out a stone and remember. I can choose to base my response to life in faith, knowing that it will work out like it should.

In fact, the biggest flex of my faith comes when I ask the question, “Is God everything or nothing?” This simple question pushes me not to wonder why something is happening or how it is all going to turn out, but rather what is God doing at this moment? How is Love present and being revealed in the circumstance? Because it always is.

So, for today, I will not stress, worry, struggle or fear. I will trust that everything will turn out.

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