Roxanne Column art - 4.23.2020

I flipped the page on the daily calendar. The message read, “Try to find a place where you are surrounded by the sounds of nature-a waterfall, the beach, a bird sanctuary, a place where the bamboo or other trees are blowing in the wind. Just soak it in.”

Finding a waterfall, a beach or bamboo in Nebraska might be a bit challenging, but the challenge of soaking in the beauty of nature is not impossible.

On a daily basis I walk the ravine on the edge of town and listen to the water bubble through the rocks. I can hear the roaring sounds of the yellow-headed blackbirds in the tops of trees as they migrate through the area. Even a barefoot walk through the green grass in my lawn connects me to the peacefulness of nature.

When times seem uncertain and fear is knocking on my door, I am so grateful for the reminders of things that bring peace and serenity. In moments of separation and distance, I receive comfort in opportunities to connect with creation and within myself.

A friend recently shared her stress and discouragement over the present situation. We discussed ways that she could be gentle with herself and find ways to feel more centered. Here are a few: lighting a candle, listening to soft music, journaling thoughts, praying for loved ones, taking a hot bath, reading an uplifting message or planting flowers/garden.

Life is slower. Circumstances are unfamiliar. Each of us faces this challenge in different ways. Some may be lonely, while others would love to have a break from little ones running through the house. Essential workers continue to work and face risks. Others are learning to work from home. Relationships might be strained and financial situations may look bleak.

However, the opportunities to take care of our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits are still present. In fact, we are presented with a unique opportunity to listen to ourselves, to identify what we need and to take necessary steps to take care of those needs.

Find what brings peace and comfort to your life. And then, just soak it in.

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