The Gothenburg speech team hosted the Swede Invitational speech meet on Saturday, Feb. 8. As a team, the Swedes finished the day with four gold medals, three silver medals and six bronze medals on their way to another good showing. Here are the results from the home meet:


Varsity: Sam Aden & Bronson Long - 6th, Elissa Foley & Michael May - 8th

Novice: Bennet Geiken & Kai Jorgenson - 2nd, Emily Cornwell & Kara Waskowiak - 4th, Emma Peterson & Addi Wyatt - 5th, Taysia Holbein & Alana Wheatley - 7th


Varsity: Wes Jinks - 1st, Sam Aden - 3rd, Callum Ward - 6th, Arissa Ackerman - 10th


Varsity: Abby Johnson - 2nd, Gavin Foster - 3rd, Dennis Sabin - 4th, Seth Trumbley - 6th, Callum Ward - 7th, Reed Weyers - 8th, Elissa Foley - 10th

Novice: Kara Waskowiak - 4th, Emma Peterson - 5th


Varsity: Bronson Long - 3rd, Wes Jinks - 5th, Michael May - 6th

Novice: Jake Burge - 6th


Varsity: Savannah Peterson - 2nd, Arissa Ackerman - 7th, Mashaela Foster - 10th

Novice: Kurt Kuhlman - 1st, Emma Peterson - 3rd, Kai Jorgenson - 5th


Varsity: Sam Aden, Gavin Foster, Eve Healey, Maverick Macek, & Seth Trumbley - 3rd; Will Anderson, Chesney Bartlett, Bailey Ryker, Cassie Shepherd, Reed Weyers - 10th


Varsity: Savannah Peterson - 1st, Eve Healey - 2nd, Maverick Macek - 5th, Mashaela Foster-9th

Novice: Maddie Bogus - 8th


Varsity: Wes Jinks - 3rd, Bronson Long - 10th

Novice: Kara Waskowiak - 1st


Varsity: Elissa Foley - 7th