Sam, Ella, Brody

Sam Aden, Ella Bartlett and Brody Stienike rehearse their lines for the One Act Play production “Epic Proportions.”

The Gothenburg High School One Act play production team is gearing for the 2019 season, which begins this weekend.

Though the GHS team will not participate Nov. 2, the school will host the Gothenburg Play Production Festival.

Teams compete for best comedy, best drama and best technical production honors.

The first competition for the GHS team will be Nov. 8 at the Loup City Parade of Plays, a day-long event with 16 teams competing in two brackets. Play director Lori Long said this will be the 12th year Gothenburg has participated in the Loup City event.

“Right now, we are scheduled to perform at 12:15 (Nov. 8), but we may have to alter that if our football team has a game that day,” said Long.

This year’s One Act play production is titled “Epic Proportions,” with 73 Gothenburg High School students making up the cast and crew. Long and Erin Feather are in their 13th season as directors at GHS.

The team will host the annual Gothenburg Play Production Invitational on Nov. 19. A public performance with dessert bar will be held Dec. 3.

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