July Storm

Strong winds left tree damage as well as damage to a vehicle at Roxanne’s residence this past weekend. 

Limbs came crashing down with a boom. The storm showed up suddenly and the wind gusted out of thin air. One minute, everything was normal. The next, the world came crashing down...literally.

Life’s storms often happen without notice.

A loved one with unexplained tremors. Another with a diagnosis of kidney failure. A friend with severe infection and the inability to work. Just like wind that rages to cause broken windshields and smashed fenders, no one can prepare for life’s stormy gusts.

After the wind stopped and the sun rose, the reality of the damage dawned. Yet, there in the yard were my neighbors. Helping. Sharing the load. Picking up the branches. I didn’t have to face the effects of the storm alone.

I was reminded, “That’s just small town help. Good people being good people.” And while it felt vulnerable to admit I needed the help, I am so grateful for people who show up for no other reason than they see the need and know they can help.

Gothenburg is a great community in which to live. We show up and help each other. However, a community can be more than a town or location. Community is the people in your life that show up.

Regardless of life’s storms, it is important for me to remember that I am not alone. And, in those moments when people show up for me, I am also reminded that I have the ability to show up for others. This is a community. Together we are better. No one has to fight the stormy gusts alone. We have each other to face the effects of the storm when the morning dawns.

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