Roxanne -4.2

May our humanity and strength of spirit continue to prevail.

Self-quarantined for 14 days. Social distanced.

She sent her son outside to the driveway to measure the distance of 8 feet. He did not mark the 6 feet recommended, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Red X’s mark the spot of a safe distance. The sun is shining. The weather is warm. And the world is unfamiliar.

Friends come for a visit, but stay outside. The driveway is the new meeting space. Camping chairs replace a couch and recliner. Beverages still get sipped. Laughter fills the air, while friendship survives in unprecedented conditions.

What I notice is that we humans adapt, adjust, and thrive.

I scroll through posts on social media and see an older couple harmonizing a song about a pandemic. Sidewalks are chalked with messages of hope. Teachers parade around towns with honking horns, waving arms, and teary eyes as they see students from afar rather than in classrooms.

The sweatshirt I am wearing designed by Demetrius Harmon says, “I feel weak, but I know I am strong.” I sit back and revel in the strength of the human spirit.

Regardless of our political perspective, our religious views, our opinions about the pandemic, or our feelings about quarantines and lock downs, our humanity unites us. We are strong and resilient. We have what it takes to face the circumstances before us.

The world shatters with pandemic, but a social media friend Sam Ferguson reminds me, “When it all crumbles into pieces, you get to choose the pieces that get picked up again.”

I am grateful for the opportunity to consider what really matters to me. I relish the opportunity to remove the excess from life, leaving only the most significant to remain. My kids, those I love, my friends, my passions, my faith, opportunities for service...these are the foundation of my life.

No quarantine or social distance has the power to take away what my heart deems essential. May our humanity and strength of spirit continue to prevail.

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