Now that the election is officially over, many people are talking about the results and outcomes. I think it is important to exercise the right to vote and to express one’s opinion. I have many loved ones who have served or are serving in the military. They have fought to preserve and protect the rights we hold dear. As a woman, I don’t take it for granted that not all of those who came before me got to have the same rights afforded to me today.

Voting is important.

However, I have learned that there are some things on which people do not have a right to vote. For most of my life, I allowed people’s opinions to vote on my worth and choices. It did not serve me well to live my life by popular vote.

Today, I choose to not allow people to vote on my worth, value, beauty, and lovability. They are free to have their opinion, but the ballot box is closed and their vote will not be counted. My worth is innate. My value and beauty are given to me by the Creator as a masterpiece. I am worthy of love and capable of participating in the flow of love.

I also choose not to base my choices and decisions on what is predicted to be the popular vote. I most certainly invite trusted people in my life to share their own experiences, noticings, and thoughts. However, in the end, the winning ticket will only be decided by me and my higher power. Some may approve and celebrate with me. However, some will not, and that’s okay too.

While I did cast my vote in November, I will no longer be allowing other people to cast their vote about me and my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience this freedom and to offer others the same.

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