A1 Plumbing Family

Joe-al Alejandro and Summer Nalley recently moved their family to Gothenburg and opened A1 Plumbing.

Gothenburg recently welcomed a new family and a new business to town, and the young couple says they are so glad to be here.

Joe-al Alejandro and Summer Nalley have been together for eight years and have two beautiful children - Amaya, 2 and Joe-al, 7 months. They relocated their family and their business, A1 Plumbing, to town a few months ago.

“We moved to Gothenburg because we knew there was a need for more plumbers, and it’s a great community for our kids with great opportunities,” Summer explained.

Joe-al brings with him eight years of plumbing experience. “I chose this profession because it’s a high demand anywhere you go, and it’s a great trade to have,” he said. “I love being able to be someone who can help people out when they are having a problem.

“Plumbing problems can be a headache and it’s such a relief when the job is professionally done and in a timely manner,” Joe-al continued.

He said moving his family and establishing a business in a new community during the Covid pandemic did not create the difficulties and challenges that some may expect. “I make sure to take plenty of safety precautions before entering and leaving a home or business,” Joe-al explained. “I am sure to clean up after my work is done and always be sanitary.”

Joe-al operates A1 Plumbing out of his home in Gothenburg. He said he largely relies on customer recommendations and word-of-mouth for his business. You can message A1 Plumbing, LLC on Facebook for a free quote or call Joe-al at 308-746-4071. If email is your preferred method of communication he can be contacted at joeala1plumbing@gmail.com.

“We are very excited to grow our business in Gothenburg,” said Joe-al. “We take this business seriously and always guarantee satisfaction to all our customers.”

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