Roxanne Column art - 6.25.2020

With coffee in hand and birds serenading in the background, I read the following: “The habit of complaining, of wishing things were different, is nothing more than a way of insuring depression and misery.”

This moment is perfect and all is well. Am I grateful for it? Am I willing to believe that I will have what I need in the next moment when difficult things might happen? Does worrying about it now stop it from happening? Can I plan or work hard enough to arrange life to my liking?

The quote went on to say, “I am coming to realize that it is not life that owes me something; it is I who owe something to life.”

Wow! What a shift in perspective. The goal is not to arrange life to suit me. Instead, my focus can be fueled by gratitude for being alive and my energy can be placed on what I can offer and contribute to this life.

Sometimes I lose sight of this. The financial insecurities of the COVID-19 situation are real. The pain of living without a loved one sometimes seems unbearable. Longing for love to be reciprocated can take its toll. Fear of what the future holds and the unknown can weigh one down.

I don’t often want to admit that my misery is of my own making. My mindset of complaining or wishing things were different doesn’t serve me well. Accepting life on life’s terms, contributing and being grateful never fails.

The birds that serenade in the morning do not get anything in return for their gift. They have no guarantees, yet they seem to understand these principles.

Today, I will focus on offering gratitude that I always have what I need. I will look for opportunities to contribute rather than get what I think I want. And, I will be grateful for all that I’ve been given.

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