Roxanne Column art - 10.15

My granddog came to stay with me this past weekend. This is the first time that he has stayed with me without his people. It was such a great experience and provided an opportunity for reflection.

First, I was reminded that all is well even when it isn’t familiar. My granddog had never been to my new house. He wasn’t familiar with his surroundings. All was new, yet he adapted quickly. He remained calm and soon discovered that he was in a safe place. He was loved and all was well.

While my granddog was here, other dogs came to visit. They ran around and played until I couldn’t understand how they had any energy left. I was reminded that it is loving to oneself to say “no” and to take a break. He would slip in the house for a brief reprieve from the dogs in the backyard. Even though the other dog wanted him to continue to play, he needed a break and did what was loving toward himself.

Another truth I was reminded of while my granddog was visiting was that love is always available to us. He would find me in the crowded backyard and snuggle between my legs. He enjoyed being petted and lying close by. Not only was he looking for love and attention, but he offered love and connection to me. Love never fails.

Finally, the moment came when it was time for my granddog to go home with his people. I was amazed at how much my world had expanded to include him for such a short time so that his absence left a vacancy. When I am willing, my heart and life is capable of expanding to allow new channels of love that I am not even aware are available to me.

I am grateful for not only the time with my granddog, but also for the reminders about love that he gave me throughout his stay.

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