When the world remembers great legends, they often think about the wild adventurers of their generation, those that had really done it all. Well the one legendary man and friend that I will always revere is Roderick Edwards!

Rick was born in Manchester, England on Oct. 2, 1941. He grew up there amongst friends and family and even got married at a young age having two amazing sons. Rick once told me a story of him living in Windsor where he would often practice for his race walking competitions near one of the royal family’s estates. He giggled as he reminisced slightly of mocking Prince William one day when he ran into him riding in a chariot through the park.

Alas his time in England compares not to his worldly travels as he joined the company Starlinger as a plastics engineer helping them to develop many commercial properties around the world. This job led him all over the rest of Europe, making many friends along the way. He went to the middle east where he toured many tombs and sanctuaries. He traveled the eastern border of the Indian ocean. He even conquered the wilds of Africa spending time in the Sudan, Egypt and his favorite home Kenya.

Rick later in life met his second wife Lynn Modic-Edwards in Saudi Arabia while both were traveling for work. They hit it off very quickly and were soon traveling the world together. They spent many years moving from location to location, even spending about 10 years of their lives living in Kenya. This is where Rick pursued his favorite hobby and career as a professional wildlife photographer. Rick’s works are published in many high end magazines and some of his work even made it onto television as part of the set to X-Files. This was a long and promising career that took him to so many remote and worldly locations. From photographing eagles' nests near the Hoover Dam in the United States to Rwanda high in the mountains surrounded by Silverback Gorillas. This was Rick’s truest passion in life and a gift that he was able to share with his wife and the world.

As Rick and Lynn got older they moved to the United States living in California, Oregon and then finally settling here in Gothenburg in February of 2021. Though his time here was short he was able to make friends at the local coffee shop, senior center and even started attending church at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church. In July Rick, Lynn and their friend Austin Fletcher were able to take Rick’s last trip to Kenya. They took a two week safari ride through the Maasai Mara and Rick was able to embrace his artistic side one last time snapping shots of elephants, giraffes, lions and many more wild beasts along the Savannah.

Rick passed away Nov. 2, 2021, in Gothenburg and is survived by his wife, Lynn Edwards; son, Shane Edwards; step-daughter, Rebecca Kauffman; grandchildren, Rhiannon and Alex Edwards and Oliver Cauffman; siblings, Christine White, Maurvena Webb and Regina Fogg; plus many other family and friends.

Rick was preceded in death by his parents, Harry and Eveline Edwards; and son, Ricky Edwards. Lynn has decided to hold a wake in his memory on Friday, Nov. 12 at 5 p.m. at their home, 1118 Ave F, Gothenburg.