The Gymnastics West Competitive team competed in the Metro Stars Winter Invitational March 4-5. Individual and team results are as follows:

Vault Champions: Emsley Golter, Bailey Hyatt, Annabelle Davis, Lauren Cunningham, Pixie Fattig

Bar Champions: Lillian Blackler, EmmaJean Mladek, Harper Osborn, Erin Smith, Lauren Cunningham

Beam Champions: Janae Oberg, Halsey Nelson, Chloe Sics, Hunter White, Pixie Fattig

Floor Champions: Emsley Golter, Harper Osborn, Brynleigh Ehlers, Averie Kinnan, Lauren Cunningham

All Around Champions: Emsley Golter, Harper Osborn, Annabelle Davis, Lauren Cunningham, Ella Baal

All Around Runner-Up: EmmaJean Mladek, Pixie Fattig

Team Awards-

Silver: 4th

Bronze: 2nd

The team is coached by Amanda Ristine, Rebecca Gronewold, Alyssa Hamilton, and Trina Pearson.