The Gymnastics West

Competitive Team competed

in the Solid Rock

Invite in Lincoln on Jan.

22. The bronze team was

runner up (2nd place) and

the silver team was 3rd.

This team is coached by

Amanda Ristine, Rebecca

Gronewold, Alyssa Hamilton,

and Trina Pearson.

Full results of the meet

are as follows.

*(AA) All Around

Bronze Division:

Hunter White- 1st vault,

1st bars, 1st beam, 1st

floor, 1st AA

Lauren Cunningham- 1st

vault, 1st bars, 2nd beam,

1st floor, 1st AA

Erin Smith- 2nd vault, 1st

bars, 2nd beam, 1st floor,

1st AA

AnnaBelle Davis- 1st Vault,

2nd Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st


Brynleigh Ehlers- 3rd

vault, 3rd bars, 3rd floor,

2nd AA

Ayla Rubalcava- 3rd bars,

1st beam, 1st floor, 2nd AA

Jahlie Motsinger- 3rd

vault, 3rd bars, 3rd beam,

2nd floor, 3rd AA

Ella Baal- 1st vault, 2nd

bars, 3rd floor, 3rd AA

Pixie Fattig- 3rd vault, 3rd

beam, 4th AA

Audree Miller- 2nd bars,

2nd beam, 1st floor, 6th AA

Chloe Sics- 3rd beam, 4th AA

Harper Osborn- 2nd vault,

5th AA

Mila Fotchman- 3rd floor,

6th AA

Margaret Kinnan- 3rd

vault, 14th AA

Kennlye Garza- 2nd floor,

7th AA

Paisley Ackman- 6th AA

Tess Kolbo- 10th AA

Shayden Sall- 12th AA

Rosalie Craig- 13th AA

Adley Golter- 5th AA

Averie Kinnan- 8th AA

Alex Beavers- 11th AA

Halsey Nelsen- 12th AA

Jimena Rodriguez- 13th AA

Ellery Love- 15th AA

Emery Schnacker- 17th AA

Gracie Kleinknecht- 8th AA

Rori Hansen- 11th AA

Kara Oberg- 12th AA

Addie Dancer- 13th AA

Deveri Butterfield- 14th AA

Liliandra Miller- 6th AA

Olivia Piper- 7th AA

Brenna Fisher- 8th AA

Silver Division:

Emsley Golter-1st vault,

2nd bars, 2nd beam, 1st

floor, 1st AA

Cassidy Reiman- 1st bars,

3rd AA

Taylie Dancer- 3rd floor,

4th AA

Lillian Blackler- 3rd vault,

5th AA

Bailey Hyatt- 3rd bars, 7th AA

Emma Mladedk- 1st vault,

9th AA

Lily Sics- 2nd bars, 7th AA

Evelyn Koch- 5th AA

Katie Hyatt- 9th AA

Ashlynn Owens- 11th AA

Gold Division:

Janae Oberg- 3rd bars, 3rd

beam, 4th AA

Addie Bailey- 6th AA