Ellen Mortensen - Leader STaff

The Gothenburg Lions Club conducted a flag retirement ceremony of unserviceable flags on Monday, July 19 on the west side of Lake Helen. The public was invited to attend the ceremony as well as bring any old worn out flags they might have for disposal.

The ceremony is an annual tradition for the Lions Club, but this is the first year the event has been held during the summer. Lions Club member Shane Gruber explained that the 2020 flag disposal was canceled due to Covid, so the group had two years worth of flags to burn this time. A total of 107 flags were dropped off with the Lions - flags that were torn, tattered and weathered.

The disposal of these flags is in accordance with the U.S. Flag code, “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.” Gruber said the proper disposal procedure calls for the ashes of the burned flags to be placed in a box and buried.