The new Hudl technology at Gothenburg Public Schools allows for fans to have a live-stream experience, including a scoreboard, sounds and all the game action in a higher definition presentation.

In an era of modern technology, many high schools have taken advantage of programs that allow them to record practices, scout other teams and even manage stats in real-time.

Recently, Gothenburg Public Schools made the switch from the previous provider to the Hudl System.

Cameras installed in both the north and south gym allow for spectators to watch games from the comfort of their own homes with a clear view of the game thanks to a multi-camera system that allows for a full-coverage type of experience.

Hudl, a Lincoln, Nebraska based company, has many tiers of opportunity for schools to take advantage of, including automatic game and practice recording, 180-degree panoramic recording, real-time ball tracking along with self-updating technology and perhaps the biggest feature during the Covid Pandemic, live streaming capabilities.

Swede football coach Craig Haake said that the football team has utilized Hudl for a number of years for scouting, and this year had an opportunity to see the newly-installed system in action for the end of the football season.

“We have used it for scouting for a number of years,” Haake said. “This year, we were able to use it on the sideline during the last two games of the season. We are looking forward to seeing how it will work for us in the future.”

The teams who are seeing the most immediate benefit are the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams.

“From a coaching perspective, it is such an amazing tool for so many different things,” Lady Swede head coach Kassie Schuett said. “For stats it’s great because when you have a manager film they often are so invested in the game they forget to film which causes you to miss some action and then it affects stats. It’s easier to be able to send to Hudl assist and to other teams that ask for it because you can do it immediately rather than waiting to get your Ipad that you filmed on, making sure it’s connected to the internet then uploading the video to send.”

Hudl assist is a feature of the system that allows for video to be uploaded and analyzed then produces a detailed breakdown of stats and game film.

The 12-24 hour turnaround time saves coaches and managers incredible amounts of time.

“The new Hudl system has made it much easier to manage stats and film practices,” Swede boys’ basketball coach Scott Carlin said. “This has made breakdowns for coaches and players easier to use so we can focus on more specific ideas and points in practice. This has helped us really determine how often we are taking a good shot compared to shooting when we don’t’ know what else to do.”

Both coaches said that the ease of use and the program’s capability to film practice has made their practices more efficient and allowed players the capability to go back to the day’s practice to go over anything they are not comfortable with executing.

“When we are putting new offenses, defenses or anything game appropriate, it makes it easier for the athletes to go in after practice if they are still unsure and watch themselves and the team run through things so it gives them the opportunity to do it then watch it, which is a great thing,” Schuett said.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, attendance has been limited at games, and through the new Hudl system, fans at home are provided with a better, higher-quality video as they watch the games in real-time.

“The easy ability to connect really was a strong draw,” Carlin said. “I know from talking with my dad he likes watching the games at home as it connects to his TV directly.

Gothenburg Public Schools Activities Director Marc Mroczek said that the new equipment really helps to tie the community together in a time when we aren’t able to physically be together.

“The Hudl Focus cameras allow our coaches, athletes, parents, extended family members and community members the opportunity to watch every event that we have in both of our gyms,” Mroczek said. “The ability to live stream all events to our Gothenburg Activities YouTube channel gives everyone the opportunity to watch all the events in both gyms from the comfort of their home.”

Swede fans can catch all the live-stream action by jumping on the Gothenburg Activities YouTube page, made possible by local sponsors, where on any given home game night, they can choose which gym they want to watch.

Those who are interested in having their business logo appear during the live broadcasts may contact Marc Mroczek at Gothenburg Public Schools at or Tim Strauser at

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