Gymnastics West competed at the Swinging into Season Invite Saturday, Jan. 8 in Lincoln. Overall the Bronze Team placed second, and the Silver Team placed sixth. Individual results are as follows: (CODES: (V) Vault (UB) Uneven Bars (BB) Balance Beam (FX) Floor Exercise (AA) All Around)

Xcel Bronze Team Results

Hailey Sladek- (V) 1st (UB) 4th (BB) 5th (FX) 4th (AA) 4th

Harper Osborn- (V) 2nd (UB) 1st (BB) 4th (FX) 1st (AA) 1st

Tess Kolbo- (V) 7th (UB) 2nd (BB) 4th (FX) 4th (AA) 5th

Kennlye Garza- (V) 6th (UB) 5th (BB) 7th (FX) 3rd (AA) 6th

AnnaBelle Davis- (V) 1st (UB) 2nd (BB) 1st (FX) 1st (AA) 1st

Ellery Love- (V) 6th (UB) 6th (BB) 4th (FX) 4th (AA) 6th

Brynleigh Ehlers- (V) 4th (UB) 4th (BB) 2nd (FX) 5th (AA) 4th

Averie Kinnan- (V) 2nd (UB) 6th (BB) 3rd (FX) 1st (AA) 3rd

Josie Bazata- (V) 5th (UB) 8th (BB) 7th (FX) 8th (AA) 8th

Adley Golter- (V) 3rd (UB) 4th (BB) 3rd (FX) 2nd (AA) 2nd

Jimena Rodriguez- (V) 1st (UB) 5th (BB) 7th (FX) 4th (AA) 5th

Mila Fotchman- (V) 6th (UB) 6th (BB) 2nd (FX) 4th (AA) 6th

Lillian Blackler- (V) 1st (UB) 2nd (BB) 5th (FX) 3rd (AA) 2nd

Natalya Holbrook- (V) 7th (UB) 6th (BB) 6th (FX) 4th (AA) 7th

Bristol Goodwin- (V) 5th (UB) 7th (BB) 7th (FX) 6th (AA) 6th

Ashlynn Owens- (V) 1st (UB) 4th (BB) 3rd (FX) 2nd (AA) 2nd

Aranni Miller- (V) 6th (UB) 5th (BB) 6th (FX) 5th (AA) 6th

Kelsey Favinger- (V) 2nd (UB) 3rd (BB) 5th (FX) 2nd (AA) 3rd

Erin Smith- (V) 4th (UB) 2nd (BB) 3rd (FX) 3rd (AA) 3rd

Jahlie Motsinger- (V) 2nd (UB) 4th (BB) 4th (FX) 4th (AA) 4th

Cassidy Reiman- (V) 1st (UB) 1st (BB) 1st (FX) 2nd (AA) 1st

Journey Bazata- (V) 7th (UB) 8th (BB) 2nd (FX) 5th (AA) 7th

Liliandra Miller- (V) 8th (UB) 6th (BB) 7th (FX) 7th (AA) 8th

Kadie Anderson- (V) 2nd (UB) 6th (BB) 3rd (FX) 8th (AA) 6th

Ella Baal- (V) 3rd (UB) 2nd (BB) 5th (FX) 3rd (AA) 3rd

Olivia Piper- (V) 6th (UB) 6th (BB) 4th (FX) 6th (AA) 6th

Kamden Fattig- (V) 3rd (UB) 4th (BB) 3rd (FX) 4th (AA) 4th

Ayla Rubalcava- (V) 2nd (UB) 1st (BB) 1st (FX) 1st (AA) 1st

Kendall Lauer- (V) 1st (UB) 8th (BB) 6th (FX) 6th (AA) 7th

Xcel Silver Team Results

Taylie Dancer- (V) 2nd (UB) 2nd (BB) 4th (FX) 4th (AA) 4th

Riley Flesch (V) 2nd (UB) 5th (BB) 1st (FX) 2nd (AA) 2nd

Emsley Golter- (V) 2nd (UB) 2nd (BB) 7th (FX) 5th (AA) 4th

Evelyn Koch- (V) 3rd (UB) 5th (BB) 3rd (FX) 7th (AA) 5th

Morgan Mraz- (V) 5th (UB) 6th (BB) 2nd (FX) 1st (AA) 4th

Payton Peterson- (V) 4th (UB) 1st (BB) 2nd (FX) 5th (AA) 3rd

Emma Mladek-(V) 2nd (UB) 5th (BB) 5th (FX) 2nd (AA) 5th

Janae Oberg- (V) 4th (UB) 2nd (BB) 3rd (FX) 5th (AA) 3rd

Addie Bailey- (V) 1st (UB) 4th (BB) 5th (FX) 3rd (AA) 5th

Xcel Gold Team Results

Trina Pearson- (V) 4th (UB) 5th (BB) 4th (FX) 2nd (AA) 2nd

The team is coached by Amanda Ristine and Alyssa Demoret.