The seventh-grade volleyball team closed out its regular season Oct. 19 with three games against Ogallala.

The A and B teams ended their seasons with victories while the C team battled strongly against Ogallala but couldn’t secure the win.

“Monday night’s win was a team win,” coach Nicole Rubenthaler said of the A team’s 25-18, 25-18 win. “There was not one person on the floor that didn’t serve a purpose for their team, including our libero Abby Negley and right side hitter Rileigh McClay.”

Rubenthaler went on to say that she has been impressed with the composure of the team as they have gained confidence throughout the season.

“Most importantly, they have been coachable athletes - in practice and in the games,” Rubenthaler continued. “The way they have put in play instructions given during time outs (and from the bench) has been significant in securing wins. I am proud of their growth.”

She went on to praise the B team for their efforts during the season as well.

“Tonight’s game showed the toughness of this B team,” Rubenthaler said in recapping the 25-21, 25-20 win. “They have really come together over this season and have worked collectively to win games.”

Rubethaler noted that areas of improvement for the B team included running the offense and getting quality balls to the setters to allow them to put their hitters in good positions.

“This team has improved greatly and should be extremely happy with their season,” she said.

The C team, Rubethaler said, fought hard in the first set but lost 26-28.

“The girls on this team have made so much growth since week one,” she said. “They are better volleyball players all around - serving, passing, setting, hitting and communicating. Most importantly, they have learned to be supportive teammates.”

The eighth-grade volleyball team battled Ogallala Oct. 19, with the A and B teams each coming away with a win.

In the A game, coach Mary Clark said she was really proud of the group for playing their side of the net at a high level en route to a 25-8, 25-4 victory.

“After the first set, we gave them a goal of giving up even less points than the eight in the first set, and they did just that,” Clark said. “I am really proud of these girls for the way they finished their season.”

Olivia Williams had 14 points with three aces, Madi Cornwell had 10 points with four aces and Joey Holland had nine points with four aces.

“Taryn (O’Hare) and Joey both set the ball very well, giving our hitters opportunities to attack,” Clark said.

O’Hare, Williams, Kalli Strauser and Whitney Cottingham led a balanced attack.

Madi Cornwell and Kinley McCoy led in serve receive.

The B team’s win was secured as Clark said the group played very well as a team.

“We were able to get many players into the game,” she said of the B team’s 25-12, 25-17 win.

Abbi Bassett led in serving with six points, three of which were aces and Bri Houchin added five points with an ace serve.

Adi Bartels had four points and Avery Salomon, Madi Bryant and Hayden Walker each added three points.

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